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  1. Hi There, Does anyone use curves for throttle to assist with light touch A2A refueling? Thanks!
  2. All, Looking for human wingmen to fly with on the syria through the inferno maps? Here is a server just to connect rather than flying alone. No requirements, no drama, no stress. https://discord.gg/T8mDfFSg CYA!
  3. Thanks! DCS rules. I love the F16. The A10C is also a great plane.
  4. Hello, I may have found the issue, when throttling back it seems the axis controller tuning has some play from idle to off. it is not in a straight line. going to play with thrustmaster HOTAS to see if any of movement of stick equals movement in tuning.
  5. Hello, Actually it seems just when cruising if I set throttle back to idle all electronics shut off and I just see the master caution light. Almost like a complete shutdown. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Is there an axis setting to alleviate the shut/master caution when throttling back to idle? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if someone might be able to assist me. I have facetrackNIR, delan hatrack and Opentrack with AItrack. I have tried all three and I still can not seem to get head tracking right. Does anyone edit the DCS trackz etc files? or rely on the head tracking software. It is usually very jittery. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. I also have this issue, esp with the channel map, Thought it was a channel map bug.
  9. Hello, Is anyone else having issues with just the channel map flickering excessively? All other maps seem to be fine. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I love how DCS has attention to detail in the flight modeling, I have quite a few modules but really enjoy WW2 and the up close and personal dogfights. I have been having extreme difficulty with the mustang. I can never seem to get a cruising speed at about 265mph without my blowing something and white smoke and a loss of power, even under the 5 minute time frame. Any tip would be greatly appreciated on managing manifold pressure and coolant etc. Thank you in advance. Happy Flying, esp WW2!
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