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  1. Mike, I'd love to see your X-55 control scheme. I use the X-56, but it is just about identical.
  2. I got one after a speed callout the other day. "230, illuminati confirmed."
  3. What are these other "features?" I'm not being a wiseguy, I would really like to know. Beyond that, I know that getting a RIO is the best COA here, but if I don't have one and am still using Jester, should I forsake TWS-A and just tell Jester where to look based on AWACS or something? Will that get rid of the TWS-A losing tracks/RWR switching, etc?
  4. Great, now I can't escape COMSEC in video games either. Thanks, guys.
  5. I am 100% willing to chalk it up to user error. I am about the furthest thing from an expert there is. I only mentioned it because before the patch I was always able to pick up those targets, but not after. Certainly I could have been doing something wrong. I'll assume that I was, and I'll go keep playing. I also hopped into MP since I posted that "issue" and my radar seemed to be working fine (other than Jester dropping lock after the AIM-54s come off the rail). I have much to learn! Thanks, Mike! Cheers
  6. I'll try out some other missions, but I know for sure that I was in multiple situations where I should have seen them. Like chasing down an AN-26 and coming up behind it. I intentionally did this with the F10 menu. Switching to RWS didn't help either, even within 10nm.
  7. Good fun, as always! After jumping back in today to test it out, I find that I can no longer see contacts on the TID. As well, even in TWS Auto, Jester can't. I vectored myself in towards multiple bandits with the AIM-54 ready to go, but there was never a radar contact so Jester never locked anyone. It wasn't until it came down to WVR that he started calling stuff out. I was playing the Instant Action free flight, and it was the same problem on both Syria and Caucasus.
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