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  1. Hi, I´m new to the game and learning to take off now. I am unable to display the Radio commands menu for taxi and takeoff. It says that i must press the \ key and f6 or f2. The \key is the one located below esc key? Please help me to understand. thanks in advance.:joystick::book::mad::helpsmilie:
  2. thanks for your answers, i will get a joystick and kill some bandit insects before they kill me hahah. What about a cheap logitech? I don´t have the game yet, but can you tell me what about the learning process of the game? Compared to falcon 4.0 for example.
  3. Is it possible to play lock on with a game pad instead of a flight joystick? I´m thinking about this option because i want to play different games with the same controller but i don´t know if this is a good option to control flight simulation games. What do you think about it?:joystick::doh:
  4. I want to buy flaming cliffs 2 but if im right i need prior installation of modern air combat, and manuals are sold apart. So, do i need to buy flaming cliffs 2, modern air combat, and manuals from the e-shop? can anybody help me with this? thanks in advance.
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