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  1. I've been playing DCS solo for about 2 months now and have about 75 hours into it. Most with the FA-18, some with the P-51. I'd like to try multiplayer but I'm mildly intimidated by it. So, to alleviate that, I have some questions: 1. When you get on the server for the first time, do you just do your own thing and ease in to group activities over time, or immediately engage with a group? 2. How do you Voice Communicate with others on the server? What's SRS? Is it necessary? 3. Are people who are already on the server already doing something together as a group? Will I be intr
  2. I recently chose the P-51 as my first warbird. I've got a pretty good feel for the aircraft now, but man, the only thing I can hit consistently with those 500 pounders is my own plane. :( It's going to take a while to gain some proficiency I can tell. No questions, just venting. But if you have any advice, it wouldn't go to waste.
  3. I just created a practice mission with a single wingman. I can communicate with the wingman pre-takeoff, and he communicates with me pre-takeoff and while airborne. But while airborne, I can't communicate with him. The PTT button works on the ground, but not in the air. I imagine I'm doing something wrong, since I'm pretty new at this. Anyone have some insight?
  4. The parking brake may be it. It's worked so far. Thanks.
  5. Since the recent patch, when I start from a cold start, the INS is aligning properly maybe 50% of the time. The other 50%, I start the engine(s), turn on the DDIs, switch to GND, press STD HDG on the HSI and nothing happens. No count-down timer, no qual count-down. Just a 0 timer and "NO ATT" blinking on the qual indicator. If I turn off the INS and turn it back to GND, the STD HDG option on the DDI disappears and still nothing happens. If I quit and restart the mission, it usually is fine. It feels like a bug, but given that I'm pretty new at this, I'm willing to consider user error
  6. Whoops, should have mentioned nav. I've learned that pretty well too.
  7. I'm just starting to learn the FA-18 as a newcomer to flight sims. I've learned (i) taxi, take-off, straight-in landings, (ii) dumb bombs (CCIP) and rockets, and (iii) carrier take-offs. I've started on JDAMs and Radar. I only have about 3 hours a week to play and practice, so I have a longer than some ramp-up. Two questions: 1. What should I target first for learning? New weapons systems? ECM? Other? 2. At what point can I try multiplayer with reasonable capability? Do you need to learn every function first? Or can you dive in with only partial knowledge?
  8. When searching in RWS mode, why would you ever choose not to enable LTWS? The LTWS information is more granular and helpful. Is there some advantage to running RWS without LTWS enabled that escapes me?
  9. I'm in the process of learning the Hornet. How does one create a mission where the enemy planes don't shoot at you. I want to practice the basics of radar and A2A weapons and don't want a hot enemy until I get a little more proficient. Would appreciate any advice.
  10. Thanks for this. Very helpful advice. I'll keep at it.
  11. I’m a flight sim noob, but after landing once successfully in 25 VFR tries, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s my “noobness” or I’m doing something wrong. All other aspects of learning the plane and weapons are going well, but landing is a clusterf***. Most of my landing attempts go something like this. 1. Downwind Leg. Get to 350 Knots and 800 Feet. Check. 2. Turn to Upwind Leg. Turn at 3.0 to 3.5 G and slow to @ 250 knots. 600-800 feet. Still a little wobbly at times but I’m usually still OK here. 3. Upwind Leg. This is where it starts to get off track. a. Gear a
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