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  1. Hate to break it to you but: Next update: Planned 7th April 2021 (subject to change)
  2. Hey, look on the bright side, we can now complain about every single little thing wrong with the Harrier as we can no longer be told that "it's early access, what did you expect?" What is even the point of the early access tag at this stage?
  3. The overlay is in, but not the ability to correct the offset of it. Edit: Nevermind, it's in, I'm dumb. Must've missed it in the changelogs.
  4. The issue is that now, even if we wait for a module to come out of early access, we know that it is not guaranteed to be complete, as this whole debacle showed us. In my eyes Razbam lost a lot of credibility, and so did ED for allowing this to happen.
  5. Two things I see missing are: - HUD FLIR overlay boresighting - FLIR hotspot tracker
  6. This does not only reflect poorly on Razbam, but on ED as well for allowing something so unfinished to be marketed as complete on their store. ED could literally loose sales if customers decide to choose the Harrier as their first module, and see that this is what a finished product looks like in DCS.
  7. He said it's feature complete, then a few seconds later, admitted that FLIR hotspots is a feature that they are still working on. The whole situation feels really shady.
  8. Is there any way to run this locally without connecting to an external server?
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