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  1. The brightness and contrast dials on the bottom right / left work. They can help out a bunch.
  2. So many things to learn in this jet! I made a training mission and tested out CSS engaged and disengaged behind the tanker. There is most definitely a difference! With it engaged I could pull up exactly like I used to be able to before the last patch. Disengaged and I was all over the place. I never remember turning any autopilot on before and my Axis Curves haven't changed. I still have to wonder why I'm suddenly having to use CSS to get in position where I never had to before. I reloaded mission three of Raven One last night and was able to tank no problem with CSS engaged. Thank you Hulkbust!
  3. So, I've never used auto pilot for refueling and basic have the hang of getting AAR done quick and easy. However, today in the Raven One campaign I pull up behind the tanker and for the life of me couldn't get into position. Finally, after working up a horrendous sweat and being all tensed up I was able to connect take on most of my fuel until the tanker turned then I was back to square one. What is this CSS you're talking about? Maybe I had it on and didn't know or off and it should have been on? I don't know but right now my entire body is sore from trying to hang on to the tanker when it's usually something I can do without a second thought. I was using coupled steering on the way to the tanker but I hit the paddle to disengage the A/P.
  4. Very cool, got it.. I thought I was just messing up one of the in game interactions. Thanks for a great campaign!
  5. So I've done the intercept then tell Smoke we'll return without tanking. Am I supposed to then set up the Case III with Mother via normal radio comms? I did that and it worked but Smoke stayed on my wing until I was gear down at 1200', maybe even after that. Shouldn't he have broken off before we entered holding? He also says something about the Moonbat LSO sounding like Raven's XO, it seems out of place, like I missed a trigger or something. I'm just not sure I'm doing it right. Also, I tried to get some gas before heading back on an earlier play through and for the life of my cannot see the tanker inside the clouds at 8000'. I even went so far as to endanger the tanker crew by locking them up so I could see exactly where they were in my HUD and still ended up slowly cruising by them and probably scary close to a mid air but again.. I never saw them as it was pitch black and inside the clouds. Tiny little recognition lights on the S3 just aren't seeable on my screen. How are you guys tanking in the pitch black in the clouds? Thank you for the great campaign BD, it's challenging me and making me better!
  6. I've noticed the problem of the trim staying really slow when gear and flaps down in the pattern. I thought it was a problem with my HOTAS at first but now I'm pretty sure its in the sim. It used to trim up really fast to on speed, now it takes forever for the stab to move.
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