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  1. Reminds me that time I was playing the Gazelle in VR, observing a soviet tanks batalion just above the treeline, and suddenly my JTAC screams "ATGM! ATGM!". A sneaky russian tank was on my left and had a clear LOS on me. I barely have the time to lower the collective, plunging just between the trees, and an ATGM passes a few centimeters above my rotor disk! It was so close I instinctively lowered my head XD
  2. sorry for the ping @BIGNEWY , but at this point the thread derailed totally off-topic...
  3. A few more examples: Hellenic Tank Trials (2000): Test 11 : Evaluation of the precision on still target (still; @2000m; target : 2,3x2,3m still; 10 APFSDS). Test 12 : Evaluation of the precision of firing on the move on still targets (40km/h; same conditions as before). Test 15 : Evaluation of the precision on still targets by night (still; @1500m; target : 2,3x2,3m still; 10 APFSDS). Test 16 : Evaluation of the precision of firing on the move by night on still targets (40km/h; same). Results for test 11 + 12: Tank Abrams M1A2 - 17 hits of 20 Tank Leclerc - 20 hits of 20 Tank Leopard 2A5 - 19 hits of 20 Results for tests 15 + 16: Tank Abrams M1A2 - 20 hits of 20 Tank Leclerc - 19 hits of 20 Tank Leopard 2A5 - 20 hits of 20 Now me in DCS using Combined Arms (note that the target used is bigger than in the Hellenic Tank Trials!) : Still, target at 2000m (still Abrams front aspect): Tank Abrams M1A2 - 16 hits of 20 Tank Leclerc - 16 hits of 20 Tank Leopard 2A5 - 17 hits of 20
  4. Test in DCS: target: static Abrams, front aspect (about 8 or 9 m^2), distance 1000m I tested Leclerc and Abrams with combined arms, and the dispersion made about 5-10% of shots miss while not moving. IRL, MBTs have a 100% hit chance at this distance for a target that big. Actually if they aim for the enemy turret, the shell would land on the turret, not even the chassis. A few examples: - modern Russian and Western MBTs rounds have a MAX dispersion of about 0.2 mrad. That means that the max deviation at 1000m is 0.2m. To miss a front aspect Abrams, you need at least 10 times more... - In the paper Is There a Tank Gap?: Comparing NATO and Warsaw Pact Tank Fleets (Malcolm Chalmers and Lutz Unterseher, 1988), it is said that a M-47 Patton fitted with a laser range-finder could hit a 2.3 m square target (5.3 m^2) with a probability of 86% at 1000m. This means that DCS MBTs basically have a worse dispersion than IRL WW2 tanks... On the move, it is worse... IRL, Leclerc is known for consistantly landing shots at 3000m while moving at 50 km/h on rough terrain. In DCS good luck doing that with Combined Arms. If we set AI at excellent level, they miss the majority of their shots at that distance. Now about the speeds (on flat terrain, in DCS same speed on terrain or on road): DCS Leclerc max speeds: forward: 70 km/h ; acceleration 0-32 km/h: ~ 4s ; reverse speed: 9 km/h (!) IRL: forward on road / cross country: 71 / 55 km/h ; acceleration 0-32 km/h: ~ 5s ; reverse speed: >35 km/h (!) DCS Abrams M1A2 max speeds: forward: 64 km/h ; acceleration 0-32 km/h: ~ 4s ; reverse speed: 23 km/h IRL: forward on road / cross country: 66-68 / 48 km/h ; acceleration 0-32 km/h: 7.2s ; reverse speed: ~32 km/h DCS Leopard 2 max speeds: forward: 69 km/h ; time to reach max speed: ~ 4s ; reverse speed: 25 km/h IRL: forward on road / cross country: 68-72 / 45 km/h ; acceleration: no data ; reverse speed: 31 km/h For all tanks, the time to reach max speed is way too low (less than 15s, while IRL it's > 30s). I didn't test all the tanks in the game, obviously, but I expect similar trends.
  5. mmmmh, I have to admit the effectiveness against MBTs in the video surprises me a bit. For example the Leclerc is known to have good side protection, and even the back of the turret is designed to resist RPG-7 hits. 57 mm HE rounds going through seems questionnable to me. Edit: Oh wait I didn't see he switched to 57 mm AP for MBTs. Yeah at point blank range, why not.
  6. I think you underestimate how powerful a 57 mm gun is. BTR-80 for example are designed to protect crew against 7.62 mm rounds only (12.7 mm for front armor). A single 57 mm HE round would basically kill or very severely injure everyone in the BTR. With 2 rounds at point blank range like in your example, everyone would be instantly dead (which means the BTR blows up with the current damage model). For MBTs Bignewy aknowledged that the team found a common problem with the armor. Any news about that @BIGNEWY ?
  7. I agree, the white puffs are ugly and break immersion. I don't even understand what exactly they're meant to represent
  8. iirc Bignewy or Nineline said that it's because the single threaded nature of the engine, the cpu is too busy loading everything to do anything else, hence the freezing. They expect it to be improved with Vulkan and multithreading
  9. Bump! The ability to sustain 6 or 7 G basically indefinitely is quite silly and can ruin BFM in some cases. Até even had to implement a rule, something like "no more than X minutes at more than Y G" during the dogfights he organizes as a workaround, because it often ended in totally unrealistic situations.
  10. Yeah it always happened occasionally at far distance, but if you notice my shots those are very close distance. Since 2.7, at least for the A-20G, wings damage is broken at any distance
  11. Set their "alert state" to red, otherwise their reaction time is too long to shoot the HARMs. Also, the higher their AI level, the faster they react.
  12. yeah 2 days ago I had the same issue in the Su 25T
  13. Someone didn't read ED plans for 2021... "Note: Due to new Russian Federation laws pertaining to the gathering of information of Russian military equipment, we have had to reconsider our plans to add new systems to the Ka-50. We continue to update the cockpit, as well as a highly detailed updated external model. "
  14. Tell that to Gazelle Mistral I love deleting jets with it in airquakes servers. Stingers can be very effective against jets for self defense, because they often don't see helos flying NOE, or they can't attack them from far away if helos hide behind trees/buildings. Anyway, the Apache ED models doesn't have stingers, so I don't expect to see them in DCS.
  15. The problem is expecting your chopper (or any airframe) to do well no matter the environment. IRL you take a certain airframe for a certain mission. Apaches don't fly when there are 5 enemy jets / km^2. So you can always try to go in airquakes server, but no matter what, Apaches are not designed for that, and asking to get stingers specifically for those situations is leaving the door open to all kinds of "balancing" and "compromises". You, however, have some servers dedicated to chopper ops, and you can try to find some buddies to fly missions built for chopper ops, in which you won't need stingers. Edit: typo
  16. I put the wind at 50 kts, the turbulence I don't remember the exact number (in the teens probably). Anyway, it's clear the the Gazelle speed is calculated relative to the ground, not the air, which is incorrect. IRL, if you have a 50 kts wind and the Gazelle level flies against it as fast as possible, its air speed will reach the maximum cruise speed, and its ground speed will be: GS = air speed - wind speed. In DCS in the same situation, it's the Gazelle ground speed that reaches the maximum cruise speed! if the wind speed if high enough, air speed can reach VNE and retreating blade stall condition while cruising as usual, which is stupid.
  17. The wind does not effect how the Gazelle flies. I put a 50 kts with turbulence, but it was possible to hover and fly just as usual, and no turbulence felt. The only difference is that the speed gauge indicates the wind speed in a hover, and during the hover you don't need pedal (I guess because IAS > 80 kmph) and if you fly against wind you can reach VNE and stall.
  18. To me it looks fine. IRL, it's dark under clouds, even under small ones:
  19. I really expected it would be fixed with the new clouds. It's not fun when you fly 20 minutes NOE in helos, and crash into power lines not showing up...
  20. Compared to 2.5, in VR, I personally have no noticeable change in performance in missions without clouds, but as soon as I put some volumetric clouds I have a 10-15% fps drop (with very little performance difference between medium and ultra clouds)
  21. Yup just tested and the trees casting shadows where they shouldn't only happen with flat shadows setting.
  22. As can be seen on the video, at some angles the valley is in the shadows, while at some other angles it's in the sunlight. Also at the end of the video, the trees on the closest hill cast shadows on another hill, which shouldn't happen. Digital Combat Simulator Black Shark 2021.04.14 - Messed_up_shadows.trk
  23. At high altitude the sea look right for a sunny day, but at low altitude it looks way too dark. Dark_Sea.trk
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