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  1. Same here and no problems--Virpil CM3 throttle, VKB Gunfighter stick and base, Virpil pedals, Thrustmaster cougar MFDs, Buddyfox UFC, TrackIR. Everything plays well together.
  2. I'm right there with you--not that I've flown the -21, but for the aircraft I do frequently fly the reflections can really detract from this incredibly beautiful simulation.
  3. I've owned a set of the Thrustmaster TFRP and a set of the VKB pedals. The thrustmaster pedals were okay--didn't love them didn't hate them. They were light and slipped around a lot so I secured them to a piece of plywood to give them some weight. From there I went to the VKBs which are great pedals especially for helos, but I missed having toe brakes. I wanted the immersion of having the toe brakes so, after getting their CM3 throttle, I went with a pair of Virpil ACE Flight Pedals and I don't see ever going back to anything else. Virpil is simply top-shelf--their customer service is ama
  4. That's pretty slick and I'll have to give it a look. Imacken always comes up with good stuff!
  5. I agree with this--I haven't put a lot of thought into it yet, but I'd like to come up with something tactile I can add to them so that I can more easily differentiate them. I also agree with the OP that when I'm in the idle position, because of the arc of the throttle arm, it is more difficult to activate the switches. Maybe that is a bit trivial, but I do notice it.
  6. TDC here as well. Curious to see if anyone has come up with another use because I also have the TDC mapped to my VKB Gunfighter thumbstick (which I find more intuitive).
  7. I think it is up to personal taste--I use the dial for zoom and actually prefer it. Works well for me.
  8. Man, I hate to be that guy and I realize it isn't important to your post, but just for clarity those are the boom ruddervators. I've also been meaning to post for a long time about the 135s--I worked them for a little over 17 years. Q models, A models, and R models; DCS has absolutely nailed them down to practically every detail including the pebbles on the boom. It is such a thrill to pull up for refueling--a lot of nostalgia there for me.
  9. I believe the link that @Fakumprovided may also be worth reviewing.
  10. @Fakum thanks for that link--that's exactly what I was looking for! I had watched the same exact video as you so I knew it was possible, but I wasn't able to see exactly how to make it work. @imacken had provided some extremely helpful info on setting up the throttle detents so I'm not surprised he helped with this as well. What I've noticed about the configurator software is that once you are shown how to do something that you previously couldn't figure out, the answer is completely obvious in retrospect. Anyway, thank you so much! @Moxie--sorry for hijacking your thread!
  11. Ralch, I'm currently running the same throttle/joystick combo so Thank you sharing your profile. Would you mind sharing the process of getting the thumbwheel on the right throttle lever to act as your zoom? Are you using a "button to virtual axis" type setup? No matter how you have it configured, would you mind sharing the exact steps for getting it to work? I haven't been able to find either a YouTube video or an explanation in any of the Virpil documentation I've read. Thanks for any help you can give!
  12. Wish I would have reached out for input like this when I started back in September. I spent a lot of cash, time and frustration on a Thrustmaster set up that has now been replaced with a VKB Gunfighter II, Virpil CM3 throttle and (soon), Virpil pedals. I know there are a lot of people who own and love their warthog setups, but for me there's no comparison.
  13. Another excellent read--thank you for pointing me to it and to all who contributed here and to the above thread!
  14. Is the resolution of extracting two lines from the WH lua file in your "setting up detents" post? I looked and didn't see it--of course I may have missed it. Would like a chance to give that a try.
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