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  1. So I'm not a programmer. I can edit a script like a lua file but I need help. I have tried most of the above suggestions and even when I do edit the lua file the ugly ass grey rectangle shows up on the tail or it's combined with missing file. So I'm kind of frustrated by the latest DCS World Update and wanted to make F-16 skins in colors other then grey. Does anyone have a way to help me edit my lua files to eliminate the whole field for the tail BORT NUMBER, and the FUGLY GREY image file that never goes away?
  2. It started with Heatblur for F-14 and now after the last DCS Update the A-10 replay is just as bad as the heatblur. When watching a replay it at some point deviates from how I flew and the A-10 crashes to the ground. This is a huge problem with DCS and I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it? When I try using X-Box Game bar, which works on every game except DCS now it disables multi view etc etc. So I can't use that as a back up. It only happens with DCS. So since this has been happening since the last update and is happening in heatblur maybe, just maybe someone can write some code
  3. It was a schoolyard topic in the 80's which plane is better, the F-14 or the F-15? The F-14 was the best plane the US Navy had in the 80's replacing the F-4 Phantom II, but was it the best plane in the US arsenal? The answer is and was no. Top Gun glorified the F-14 Tomcat which was a great plane but in aerial combat the F-15 or the F-16 was a better choice. The F-15 may not have been as pretty as the F-14 but in aerial combat it was a better choice. It was designed as an Air Superiority Fighter, and is still in use today. I love both planes but I decided to see which was better myself. So
  4. I will say that I appreciate the advice and to answer some questions. I'm using a Logitech X-52 HOTAS and the spring on the stick is really squishy not like my cyborg EVO. The EVO isn't good because the throttle is on the stick making it a pain to use so I don't use it anymore but at least it has a nice firm spring. At this point I'm stuck with what I've got and need to learn how to make the best of it because money will be tight for awhile so I can't afford a new stick and throttle. I know it will take time and practice I was used to other flight sims that were super easy like Microsoft Fligh
  5. I'm trying my best. After slamming into the carrier a few times I made 1 good landing attempt. Seems like I boltered, but I landed in once piece. Don't know what communication step I skipped, but here's the video of the whole thing for those who are interested.
  6. This isn't so much a problem with the Supercarrier as I think it is an issue with the F-14. When trying to land on the carrier at night there are two major issues. I can't see the carrier without a label. When trying to make it more realistic and using F-10 to remove all labels I have major issues finding the carrier if I get more then 10 miles out at night. The compression makes the sea look weird and you can't see the speck that is the carrier even when circling. Not to mention the glow reflection on the windshield is very frustrating when making your landing approach. You need the HUD to
  7. I'm surprised the F-22 is still classified to be honest. The F-35 I understand. It would just be fun.
  8. F-18 Trap I was focusing on the F-14 and realized I need to also keep up to snuff on the F-18. So here's my F-18 trap.
  9. I noticed that there's a mod for the F-22 Raptor. What an amazing plane, However it's a third party mod and not everyone can and is technically inclined enough to go add files and create directories to enable it. Plus I hear it only works with Flaming Cliffs. So I want to say I'm impressed with DCS so far. Lot's of praise and a good selection of aircraft. It would be great and I know people would pay for an official F-22 or F-35 made by DCS. Something you could purchase, download, and let the installation wizard install all the files where they belong and just fly the plane and have fun.
  10. The tomcat is growing on me. BTW 20 plus years ago when "Hornet " was out, they never had you circle the carrier. They just had you come straight in. How long has the US Navy been circling the carrier on landings? Oh and here's another trap for you.
  11. As you wish. Safely and "By the book." Enjoy.
  12. Su-33 Pinkie Pie Wow amazing I love making custom skins. I hope you enjoy this Su-33
  13. This is the only one so far. The Tomcat IMO is a pain in my ass I love it Love it's looks, loved it since I was a child, but I don't like how it flies. The F-18 is an easier plane to fly and land. Enjoy the video
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