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  1. Exactly what I had in mind as well.
  2. The idea I had was to put 3 mfd side by side and mount them on a big piece of acrylic, Then I can overlay them on top of a monitor.
  3. What are the dimensions of your case vs the real life size? Also, Have you design a case true to spec and design?
  4. Has there been any update to this project?
  5. Its called Laser Designator in the controls list. You'll have to switch off Auto mode on the pod to do manual or buddy lasing.
  6. Apogee was probably the wrong example. The point being that you would see the smoke trail continuing a lot longer during the missile's flight than it is modeled in game.
  7. Any chance of getting the SCUD's smoke trail to actually smoke all the way to its Apogee instead of cutting off 5k feet from launch?
  8. Unfortunately that isn't a cockpit for the JF-17. It is the cockpit of the Pilatus PC-21 which uses a very similar design. In the post you linked it confirms that.
  9. Could be the cockpit of the Pilatus PC-21
  10. This still doesnt work. If I try spawning on the deck in a KA-50 it literally blows up my landing gear and launches me up in the air.
  11. Any idea what this is going to add? Im assuming it will allow to dual rack more types of munitions.
  12. Marroux, Would you mind sharing your lua?
  13. Anyone else still having issues spawning or landing on the San Antonio? Only happens with client aircraft. AI works without issue.
  14. Can confirm that it does work at night. Nothing special in setup. Just made the radar the first unit in the group.
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