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  1. The server/game was really laggy stuttery for me tonight on Two Towns. The stutters & lag were actually causing my Mig21's engine to spool up and down, stall and require a restart (had to restart about 5 times in the space of two sorties), which was interesting, to say the least. Even weirder, I spontaneously died after getting hit in the back when I thought the area was clear - after ejecting I had a rant at having been tk'ed because I saw a Mig21 fly over my parachute. An hour later, I load up the replay in TacView and... I apparently just vanished from the air with nothing
  2. I had to taxi ahead of him and takeoff before. Goes against what the briefing says but I was able to complete the mission that way.
  3. I think people also have their preferred aircraft to fly, and/or may only own a restricted set of modules. Up until very recently, the only aircraft that I could fly on the Cold War server was the Mig21 so that pretty much anchored me into playing Red (which I'm fine with as the Mig is still to this date my favourite module & I'm yet to properly learn the Tomcat enough to fly it). Time zones are definitely an issue & when you play seems to make a huge difference in terms of the experience you'll get on the server. I'll occasionally log in during the week in the evening but
  4. Yes, that's also what I was expecting. Obviously I have never flown in a real Mirage so I don't know how it really works but your second example is what feels to be the most intuitive & likely behaviour of the dashed line in the real plane.
  5. I was going to write some feedback myself & saw that riplikash has essentially summarised my feelings about the campaign so far. This is the first DCS campaign that I am playing through (recently acquired the M2000C), so I have no frame of reference for quality, polish or robustness of other campaigns for DCS. So far, I love : The atmosphere The context The radio chatter & personality/stories of the various characters The build up of the campaign is great (just completed mission 3) & I am looking forward to playing through the enti
  6. Hello all, I've been practicing ILS landings with the synthetic runway and while I understand and am fine with getting the chevrons in the brackets for speed & chasing the localizer symbol, the behaviour of the dashed line is just driving me mad to the point where I have to completely ignore it for fear of it throwing me off my approach. Is it the correct/real behaviour for the dashed line to indicate deviation, or is this a bug/oversight & should it really be a projection of the localizer onto the ground (which would make much more sense & be far more intui
  7. Out of curiosity, is there already, or are there plans for a Discord dedicated to the Cold War server?
  8. I definitely wasn't getting anything near as good as you with my previous settings - at least you can see the specs whereas I simply couldn't . I've been playing PvE/instant missions all of yesterday evening with the view distance pushed all the way (from medium to ultra which seemed to be the main culprit) in the option & running at 1080p instead of 1440p (it isn't so bad with MSAAx2 and the specs are far easier to spot) & it made a night and day difference, I could actually see my targets & my SA was so much better as a result. I don't expect this will turn me into a
  9. I've setup a quick mission to test various spotting distances with F14s placed 10km, 20km & 40km. At the default zoom level in the Mig21 cockpit, running 3440x1440 with MSAA 2x, The F14 straight ahead of me at just under 40km is simply not rendered. I have to use max zoom for the pixel to appear. Even worse, the two F14s placed at 20km and 10km are visible ONLY when I am perfectly stationary & still but as soon as I move my head in the cockpit (I have a poor man's TrackIR) the specs disappear out of existence. Finally, the F14 placed at 10km actually becomes mor
  10. Thanks a lot for all of this sound advice. I guess the difficulty (especially as a relatively new DCS player with just under 100h & far less in PvP) is in knowing those F-14s existed in the first place & being able to build this spatial awareness and anticipate where aircraft are or going. I just got the F-14 in the Lunar sale, so I'll hopefully get to learn a bit about the capabilities of the Tomcat and maybe get a better feel for how to counter or at the very leasy avoid it. I already find it near impossible to see a contact during a merge, let alone anything beyond the r
  11. Those F-14s are certainly quite the challenge (that and the fact I am still fairly new to the PVP game in the Mig21). Got shotdown a few times yesterday by F-14s and I never saw them coming. Looking at the TacView, they were able to spot/detect me 40km away whilst I was flying cold & close to the ground. I am sure this is realistic with regards to the capability of the radar but I am going to need a loooot of practice to survive any of this.
  12. I originally posted a question to the training subforum thinking it was user error on my end but this looks like a bug after all : I am currently trying to play through the second training mission of the Mirage, specifically 'Introduction to the INS'. I am unable to progress past the point in the mission whereby I am required to overfly the railway bridge to update the INS. The instructions are that I should fly over the target & select 'REC' to initiate the INS update. There are two issues with this : The instructions omit the fact that 'REC' should
  13. Hello all, I have recently acquired the Mirage and been playing through the various training missions. I have been having issues with the INS training mission (02) whereby I can't get the overfly update to work. The tutorial seems to imply I should hit REC when overflying the railway bridge. When I try that, REC and VAL illuminate but nothing happens as I keep flying over the landmark. I tried checking the status of the INS but there are no changes there and the training mission just stays stuck in that state. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bu
  14. Believe me I do but not every multiplayer server will allow custom labels and/or labels at all.
  15. FWIW, I played on the BlueFlag Caucasus server for the first time this evening with my stubborn Mig21-bis and whilst I ended up being taken out by some interceptors way beyond the range of my radar and/or weapons, I was actually able to spot the missile coming for me as well as the flight as it got closer to me when I'd ejected & was slowly descending towards the ground. I know I need to actively practice my spotting (and overall tactics/flying to avoid BVR deaths) but it did seem like disabling FXAA and going back to MSAA 2x has improved the situation enough for me to take not
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