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  1. Strange error Hi! After updating to 1.4.5 I can no longer hear any audio (or be heard) in SR. Connection with DCS works fine and the radio overlay shows correct frequencies and green "lamp" when transmitting. Other players connected to the same SR server had no issues. I have been using previous version of SR without any problems before. Any ideas? 2018-01-05 15:28:37.8076 | Ciribob.DCS.SimpleRadio.Standalone.Client.Network.TCPVoiceHandler | Error with VOIP TCP Connection on port 5003 Reconnecting 2018-01-05 15:28:37.8076 | Ciribob.DCS.SimpleRadio.Standalone.Client.Network.Client
  2. Yes, there is an easier way: The "Cockpit camera origin" setting on the "Special" tab for 109. Set it to "Cruise" and the view is centered.
  3. Since latest patch you can also assign a controller button to "VR center view" - found in the new "UI layer" category.
  4. Totally agree (getting old as well :-)), just trying to understand their design decision. You can't make a precision approach in IMC with RSBN manual mode though? Still, I think it would be great to have the navaid stations placeable in the ME, to be able to create custom scenarios. I'm thinking road bases here...
  5. Ok, good to know. So LN probably did it "their" way to overcome the limitation of the few RSBN stations on the map then, and make stations available in Georgia as well.
  6. IIRC, when they developed this system there was no "native" RSBN/PRMG stations on the map, and this was probably the simplest (only?) solution available. ED added those navaids to support the L-39 module, so they are quite new to the map. It will probably be same with Viggen's TILS system, as no such stations exists in Russia/Georgia/Navada/Hormuz. It' would be nice to have those navaids placeable as objects in the ME though, and maybe, as user option to use those "hardcoded" stations defined in the module instead.
  7. Teo

    PMRG since update?

    You are aware that the MiG 21 uses its own PRMG implementation? The channels listed on the map is of no use. Look in the kneeboard instead.
  8. Awesome work! Please adapt this technology to an "invasion defense" campaign for the Viggen when it's released. @Andrei; I think he said somewhere that he was using Lua for the back-end, as there already is a Lua interpreter shipped with DCS = No need for additional runtimes or configuration Edit: Sniped by MBot himself
  9. IIRC the "destinationsindikator" displays current waypoint/target point name: ex "B4" for "brytpunkt"/waypoint 4, and the "avståndsindikator" displays distance to selected waypoint.
  10. Yea, can't see him in the poster, but isn't it Luke and R2 at 1:40?
  11. Yea, I have the same problem. My pedals are recognized by Windows and shows up in "game controllers", but they doesn't register any input until i reconnect them. Setting power save options as jjohnson241 suggests doesn't help in my case. Thinking it may have something to do with the Motherboard/USB-chipset drivers in combination with Win 10? I'm on a Asus P67 Sabretooth board. Whats your motherboard Toten?
  12. I've been looking into LoS and range dropout myself as well. I export own 3d position every 2 seconds and do the calculations in the plugin. Every time a transmission is received, range and LoS from transmitter is calculated. Unfortunately, I got stuck at implementing an audio filter that gradually reduces the sound quality when nearing out of range/LoS, so those functions isn't commited to github yet.
  13. Ok, no offence taken. Didn't notice the reference in the readme at first. I'll take it as a compliment when my first public repo is used as a reference :) BTW, I've reorganised/cleaned my export script and added support for guard frequencies (as a secondary receiver). Feel free to take a look and check if it's of any use for you.
  14. Yea right... You could at least say "Thank you" when borrowing lots of the code (changing the namespace doesn't count...). Or just fork/pullrequest me if you want to help? Original repo
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