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  1. In the last update the Amraam lose easy the lock from target if the target NOTCH the Amraam. in low distance you have to release the Amraam below 5 miles with 1.5 mach in order to hit the target if the target notch aggressively. I think it is need some refinement the Amraam AIM 120C5 to be more aggressive and not lose lock or energy so easy.
  2. There is wrong not to lock targets in low altitude and in low distance . The Radar need recalculation.
  3. in continue from this post In Real when you enter into TWS and move the cursor left/right MFD borders you can change between A6 B4 andA3 B2 bars or change the range in NM when you move up/down borders. From 40 to 20 and vise versa. When you bug a target the cursor stack on target and moves with bugged target until pilot slew the cursor for next bugged target , third, or fourth target ..... and with TMS right can step from each target. On TWS and RWS when you bug a target the Bar scan change automatically into B3 . Also in TWS you can have spotlight search. Depressing and holding TMS Up for longer than 1 second will command the radar to spotlight search like the same is now in RWS mode. kind Regards
  4. Hello my friend As you can see from the picture the cursor bulls are on the last blue line ,this make a conflict and the digits are not clear. This is not normal and not realistic , please view also the videos references too. kind regards
  5. Hello i made some changes into FCR Text in order to be realistic and for players to view clearer the cursor bulls details. Right now the cursor bulls is on the last blue line so it is difficult sometimes to view the numbers there. I change some parts of the code and i make it more realistic as it is in Block 50. As you can see from the image below a move all the left side of FCR distance in miles , blue lines more left in order the cursor bulls to be between the last blue line as per real , now we can read perfectly the cursor bulls. In addition i move up and closer the M symbol and the SCAN/LOS text in order not to conflict with bulls eye ring. the code below is only for M and SCAN/LOS text For miles number and blue lines i have not find the values yet but i provide ans edited FCD symbols that should be changed for RL. kind regards Code: MFD_FCR_IFF.lua ********************************************************************************************* -- IFF addPlaceholder("IFF_ContactsKeeper", nil, nil, {{"MFD_updateMultipleSymbolsBuffer", DYNAMIC_DATA.IFF_CONTACTS}}) local IFF_Show = addPlaceholder("MFD_IFF_Show", nil, nil, {{"MFD_IFF_Show"}}) local IFF_Mode = addStrokeText("IFF_Mode", "", STROKE_FNT_DFLT_10_14, "LeftCenter", {-235, -130}, IFF_Show.name, {{"MFD_IFF_Modes"}}, {"OFF", "M1", "M2", "M3", "M4", "M+"}) addSizeClipMask(IFF_Mode, 2, 20, {{"FCR_ModeMenu", FCR_MODE_MENU_STATE.MAIN}}, {-4, 0}) -- Select label local posY = -150 addStrokeText("IFF_IntgFunc", "", STROKE_FNT_DFLT_8_12, "LeftCenter", {-235, posY}, IFF_Show.name, {{"MFD_IFF_IntgFunc"}}, {"", "SCAN", "LOS"}) **********************************************************************************************
  6. Steps Select instant action -> Fighter Intercept 1.When MIDS is on in TWS when you STT the target the target box disappear from theFCR- MFD. 2. MIDS off the target box in STT stays in FCR- MFD. 3. TWS below 5 NM MIDS ON again the STT target appear correctly in FCR TWS BUG-MIDS ON.trk
  7. Geraki

    FCR Bullseye display

    Hi about Cursor bulleye
  8. Not realistic!! DED in HMCS Wait for more symbols and data in HMCS -LINK 16 ------
  9. Correct in emergency Jettison both fuel tanks and pylons should jettison , as per real . https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcsef.ru%2Fmedia%2Farticles%2F4361%2F4361.pdf The issue occurred in the last update , DCS Open Beta Simple select instant action , takeoff , and emergency jettison the payload , only the fuel tanks from station 4&6 are jettison not the TER too. When you push emergency jettion button.
  10. CRUS page (5) The Cruise page provides access to 4 submodes: TOS, RNG, HOME and EDR and gives relevant information for navigation, time and fuel while cruising. All time references are ZULU (UTC) Each submode must be mode selected to become active and supply accurate information and cues. Mode-selecting is done with the M-SEL 0 button and when active highlights the area The submodes of the CRUS page are accessed sequentially with DCS SEQ or by pressing any secondary ICP button. When first entering the CRUS page it defaults to the first subpage: TOS (Time Over Steerpoint).
  11. In addition i would like to ask if it is realistic the cross over the selected steerpoint , i have not seen that in any other F-16 and maybe will be conflict in Situation Awareness with upcoming HSD Ghost Cross cursor.
  12. CAT III limitation , warnings and damage avionics if the pilot exceed the stores limit tolerance.
  13. After last update general difficulty for radar to recognize and lock targets Hi to low even with cursor antenna on it with same target alt and bar scan in targets.
  14. Data Link Mode (OSB 6). IDM Data Link Mode rotary IDM Data Link Mode rotary: • ASGN • CONT • DMD Data Link Assignment Transmit Status (OSB 7-10) Depression of OSB 7-10 (representing flight member numbers 1-4) transmits an IDM Assignment to that flight member and causes “XMT” to be displayed for 2 seconds Air-to-ground data link information consists of the selected steerpoint which may be a markpoint, a navigation steerpoint, or the FCR air-to-ground cursor position. Air-to-air and air-to-ground data link information may be selected for display on the HSD MFD format by selecting ADLINK (OSB 16) and/or GDLINK (OSB 17) on the HSD Control page (both are on by default). When ADLINK is selected, intraflight member’s ownship positions and the locations of their bugged targets are displayed on the HSD. This same symbology is also displayed on the FCR, provided the FCR is in one of the air-to-air radar modes. When GDLINK is selected, data linked steerpoint (or markpoint) and FCR air-to-ground cursor positions will be displayed on the HSD
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