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  1. Not to offend you or anything, and believe me I want the F/A 18 as much as the next guy, but DCS isn't just a "modern sim." This has been stated here.


    WW2 is coming on scene, with the new aircraft and map. I personally believe it is a very good thing. I love dogfighting and that feel of one on one with your adversary. Close in, knife fighting.


    Not to go too off topic but I believe WWII will bring a lot of new people to DCS. Some people are very reluctant to learn the A10 , Ka50 or future F18 with its sophisticated avionics. WW2 aircraft are much more approachable from a systems and avionics perspective. Flying them is a whole other thing, but many people seem to be less afraid of that. Besides, sometimes people like challenging flight dynamics rather than challenging avionics



    WWII has a huge market, and I believe they can pull in players from IL2 and Warthunder. THen once they understand DCS, they will maybe try a less complicated aircraft like the Sabre and trainers and move up from there. I do believe it will be nice stepping stones, and will help attract new people.


    Also I'm a huge rotor head and I personally love the influx of Helos, as there are no other sims that come close to the Dcs Huey and Hip. This has opened up new market potential as well.



    I envision DCS in the future to be a home of all generations of aircraft. New maps can be released to work with Vietnam, Korea, Pacific Theater and many other future scenarios.


    Not to bash, but just my thoughts


    oh no offense taken :)

  2. I prefer that ED would stop with the discounting , take my money, and delivery a solid sim.


    Ive lost track of which discounting scheme they have up now (some sort of Bonus points program?!) But its opening up to more and more discounting.


    Im investing(with my full purchase price) into this company because its got the chance to deliver. I just want a solid sim with a focused objective.


    (whats up with WWII, Korean War, Vietnam helos, and trainers jets! Lets get f-18 in air. A modern jet for a modern sim, modern map, etc At this rate , Im expecting an announcement that there's a Star Wars or BSG addon in the pipeline.!


    Where's this mythical EDGE I hear about?

    The Nevada map?



    sorry for the rant, but my point is just this: Take my money and deliver!


    thank you and Im going for a smoke now...

  3. Just a FYI...


    I was on version and when I would start the game, it would not run the autoupdater.

    I somehow deleted my link to updater in my start menu. But I was able to find the updater in the ...DCS/DCS World/BIN file, but that wouldn't work either. It would just start up the game without checking for an update


    I found out how to force start the updater.


    go to .... saved games/DCS/Config


    find the file : autoupdate.settings


    I changed it to : autoupdate.settings.bak


    I ran the game and now the updater checked and found the latest patch and installed version !


    hope this helps anyone else....

  4. Alright - time to bring this topic back up.


    ....have following questions:


    - Can 2 USB monitors used at once? I am especially aiming at the Samsung ones. (I've read contradictory posts here)

    - Is there a performance issue with USB monitors? I remember reading something like that in a gaming article. (in addition to the 'normal' performance hit when using a multi-monitor setup)

    - When using DCS A10Cs built in MFCD setup can I use Fullscreen mode? I thought that the BS MFCD export didn't require to use windowed mode - although I do not own BS.


    Alright - that's about it. Need these questions answered before I spend even more money on this fabulous sim - thanks ED... :D


    here's my experience.....


    1.First off , yes you can run multipule screens with displaylink.


    i ordered two samsung u70 7" screens. They work off of DirectLink drivers to operate thru USB. First off I couldnt get both screens up at the same time and sometimes it would crash my system. Well , I uodated the drivers from DirectLink's Website. They worked..kinda. The software was reconizing two duplicate displays. No matter how I plugged the usb it would still show a duplicate screen So I couldnt send a third image to the last display. It was also screwing around with my main display,Matrox TH2GO.


    I just figured its, either its the TH2GO or the fact Im running Vista 64bit or a 2x 260 GTX Sli. I remembered I a had an old vga lcd monitor, so I hooked it up to one of my 260's and tweaked the .lua file and presto!




    2. So with duo core 2, 8gig ram and 2x 260 GTX running Sli I was pushing a TH2GO setup (three 1680 x 1050 screens) and an old vga @ 800x 600. It ran pretty slow...yeah I know, I need to upgrade.:( But it did work. I slapped on the mfds with duct tape on the vga monitor and got a feel of great imersion having the mfds at my figertips.


    3. The game would crash if I ran it in fullscreen mode



    oohh...one other thing , I had to disable the sli when I was messing with the 7" screens. I think theres a conflict with sli and displaylink, just a guess.


    Ill prob try this again after I upgrade my pc......

  5. wow you guys are great...quick answers.. ok how about SAM,AAA quick reference sheets showing threat levels, min and max alt. engagement zones, ETC


    again I have one from Falcon 4... the data should be accurate right ?


    oh BTW i found this out

    regarding the RWR,


    The AN/ALR-69 RWR has been installed on Air National Guard (ANG), United States Air Force (USAF) and USAF Reserve F-16 (except Block 50), A-10, AC-130, MC-130H Combat Talon II, and the HH-53 aircraft. The AN/ALR-69 RWR is a mature system and has been in continuous service since the mid 1970s.


  6. I use them!

    I once was saved by one when a caught a glimpse of a smoke trail a went evasive. I never did see where it can from. RWR was going nuts with all the contacts. But I do turn them off if they kill the frame rate.

  7. Is it safe to assume that most if not all U.S. aircraft RWR systems use the same symbology and audio tones ? and does anyone have a hawg specific RWR guide ?


    I ask because I have an old RWR guide from my Viper driving days. I got "painted" plenty last night in a MP session and I recognized the tones. But some were new to me. I just thought that there would be a slight difference from DPRK and Russian systems.

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