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  1. You have some interesting concepts here. I too have been down a few different paths with button boxes and how to use them. I'm not sure I understand correctly what you have/propose here. Correct me where I misunderstand please. You have button boxes placed left/right/front, but rather than having them assigned specific controls, they are mouse buttons. You use your head pointer to liven the control, and then use the nearest button box to that cockpit location to activate it, either left/right or wheel. If the above understanding is correct, what I can't quite follow is, why
  2. ok, sorry. I use jsgme. I just presumed most people who use a mod manager have it going into core by default since that is the only place many mods will actually work (sound, terrain etc) and where a mod manager really comes into it's own.
  3. I just downloaded and installed this without a hitch. Do not use a module manager (you will get 'unauthorized module' error). Follow directions in package. My expectations were not very high for this freeware plane. Wow, was I ever wrong! 2 things matter most to me as a VR player: cockpit textures and flight model. This module is stunning on both these counts. Well done team! You have done yourselves really proud.
  4. Hi, Just to say got this all up and running in HP G2 (WMR) with a new Wacom tablet in half a day with no real problems. It's absolutely awesome to be able to take notes! I'm on a mission to not access any DCS popups at all, so far so good. Being an ex software developer, I have to say this is a tremendous piece of work. Better than a lot of work we did as professionals !! Thank you and well done. I must buy you a beer
  5. Ah, doh! My bad. Thanks for the quick response
  6. This trees mod is great and I find I cannot fly Caucasus without it. However, as others have said, please do no saturate trees with snow, that would otherwise be green or just lightly covered in vanilla. This is the only downside to an otherwise awesome improvement. thanks
  7. You have done a great job with this mod. I am also in the camp of do not add any more saturation. If I want saturation I would go back to vanilla. Please leave as-is, or provide different versions if you have to.
  8. It's 1 year later and I still have this issue. Makes flying at night in the MI-8 in VR unworkable, as the dome lights and flashlight only work in 1 eye. What is the process when these bugs get fixed? Is it noted back in this forum thread?
  9. Hi there, I'm obsessed with the helicopters in DCS atm, so I'm trying to get my setup to suit helo's. For that I need the pedals to stay in position when feet removed. I've loosened the spring off as much as possible, but it can't be removed, it has to have a spring for the cam to work. I see some people have modded MFG crosswinds with hydraulic dampers. Has anyone heard of a similar thing for the t-rudder, or any idea on how to achieve the same effect?
  10. Doh, I have to use the mission editor (a first for me!)
  11. I only seem to have the D-30. Look like the others are out. I originally download ed the p47 into the release version. I've since installed open beta and re downloaded the modules. I still can't see the D-40. where exactly do are you supposed to select it from? Thanks.
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