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  1. Mission making is a drag especially with some of the little quirks still present in the editor. I woudn't want a replica of F4 but some Dynamics and a robust mission generator that includes more than A-A would be nice!!
  2. I have some Mega-city terrains for MSFS 2K4, they look very simuliar and include textured 3d objects Plus you can fly over them!
  3. If it was a SIM about flak guns and it had a gizillion buttons to press, then yeah I would play it :wink: The graphics in F4 are serviceable to me. My gripe would be that they do not look as good as what is already out there for the Falcon engine. Looking at projects such as the Angolian theater with close to photo real terrain, or Free Falcon which has some pretty decent effects, its abit of a let down. I hope LP is going to improve this area next, but If not I'm sure someone will :cool:
  4. I think ED Could take a page from Falcons book, I mean here we are 7 years later and its still going! And its mainly due to the dynamic campaign. Lomac is a great looking sim but its missing personality. As said before adding civilian traffic and/or busy airfields would bring a little more to the table. I would never want a carbon copy but I would like to see some gameplay improvments before more aircraft are added, IMHO of course. BTW: does anyone remember how perfect F4 ran after its intial release :eek: it took how many years to get it stable...lol
  5. I can't understand this either! Why encrypt the skins and tiles? I can't even remember flying F4 without HRenners skins and TomW's Hi-tiles. I wonder if it has to do with payware?
  6. In the war of Red vs. Blue things can get out of hand, sorry it spilled over to here. B.T.W. nice site 355th :cool:
  7. Hey 355th Pauline, just where in this post does Findus get his testies in a knot? The way I read it he's just setting the record straight, his use of smilely's shows its pretty light hearted!
  8. I gave up on the log book a long time ago. Seems silly to have to keep creating new pilots everytime you die, or even having to go into the config file to 'resurrect one'. It would be better if they just put a stat on the log page "YOU HAVE DIED 100 TIMES" in big red letters to remind you that your not perfect. I mean C'mon its just a simulator/game.
  9. I have the same question as Leafer, Man that looks cool!!
  10. There are bridges all over the place and everyone can be destroyed!! You do know they are located across rivers, right!
  11. Wow 'When Hogs fly' was my favorite campaign!!! So while I got you in this thread THANKS!!! As for me I like to fly with realistic settings, the problem is the single player part of this game falls terribly short of what it could be. In most offline campaigns the missions feel more like a game then a military action and when you fail because you forgot to kill a gnat on the ass of a donkey and have to do it over again even though you lived, quite frankly sucks! It then becomes a game of memory skills. Also alot of missions/campaigns give you just enough weapons to take out an ungodly amou
  12. Thanks all :-) AStotzer #1 has been like this from day one, and I've used several tricks including the one bSr.L()Csta mentioned, just thought I was missing something. Thanks for the train tracking tip I sat around for a hour or so just train spotting..lol
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