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  1. Rift S user here! I got the same problem with the ruler,no mods and it happened after latest patch.
  2. Im happy i found this thread as i also have an empty multiplayer list, i thought it was something on my end but it looks like it isnt anyway.
  3. Wow the sea Harrier! I wasnt aware of this until now, great news and looking forward to this beauty!
  4. Great stuff! Thank you!
  5. Welcome Leonardo:thumbsup:
  6. Oh holy h... looking at those pictures on the small screen on my ipad, i thought it was real! Looks amazing!
  7. Thanks for that! Aircrew interview is a fantastic channel.
  8. Cool! Reminds me its about time to take the 25 up again, its been a while..
  9. Im getting ctds also with this update, both in instant action and multiplayer, i dont think i had a single one before latest patch. I did some flights in mission editor wich seemed fine. I didnt get any crash files either.
  10. Its an amazing module i love it! Havent had so much fun in a sim since many years, thanks Heatblur:thumbup::thumbup::pilotfly:
  11. Is there a way to adjust image quality showing in the mirrors? Mine looks really bad.
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