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  1. I appreciate your guidance here. To make sure I understand you correctly, start a new thread under the 'Home Cockpits' category or 'Inputs and Outputs'? Thank you.
  2. This question was intentionally directed to gauge builders.
  3. A few years ago I invested in about $2000 worth of Flight Illusion gauges and use them with P3D and X-Plane. Does anyone know how or where I might find someone who might be able to create a software interface to drive them?
  4. A few years ago I invested in about $2000 worth of Flight Illusion gauges and use them with P3D and X-Plane. Does anyone know how or where I might find someone who might be able to create a software interface to drive them?
  5. Always remember to save backup copies of your original files!
  6. Greetings fellow simmers, For those who go for a more immersive experience and export displays, MFDs, DDIs, etc to multiple monitors, I have been tweaking aircraft files to use with my real Heads Up Display system. Setting up viewports for HUDs requires lots of tweaking time but to date I have successfully tweaked the F-14 and T-45. I'm sharing my work so you too can export your HUDs for these aircraft. Here are some pictures and the files. Just unzip the files and read the Installation.txt files that come with each. Happy flying! Dan F-14b HUD Export Instru
  7. This is very helpful! Thank you. Regarding modules, did you have to deactivate them on your old PC then install and reactivate on your new PC? Please describe the process and bugs, if any, you ran into. I'm building my new PC today and will be facing the same situation.
  8. I fixed my issue! A little more research and a couple edits did the trick- In my monitor config: Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 3840; height = 2160; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 3840/2160; --changed this } } and... UIMainView = Viewports.Center --GU_MAIN_VIEWPORT = Viewports.Center --remarked this out
  9. LeCuvier- In the same file dhange the word 'COLLIMATOR' to 'COMMOM' on line 13 or so: indicator_type = indicator_types.COMMON -- was COLLIMATOR You should now see it exported although the fonts and lines are thin. Working on that this weekend and I'll share any improvements I find. Any suggestions for my 'squashed' main screen problem? It's driving me crazy! There should be separate horizontal and vertical FOV adjustments somewhere. Changing aspect ratio in the Options screen has no effect. Aaaarg!
  10. I have an aspect ratio problem myself and also have a multi-monitor setup. My main view is squashed and am looking for suggestions. My MFD exports all work fine. It's just my main view is squashed. The aspect ratio definitely displays incorrectly but it's set properly in the options menu. Anybody have ideas? I probably overlooked something simple! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my monitor config file: _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('DansDCS1'); Description = 'Multi-monitor configuration' Viewports = { Center = {
  11. That's an easy one!...VNAO T-45c yeah baby!!
  12. I have a 4K main screen which is 3840x2160 (16:9 aspect ratio). My main image looks a little squashed and tires aren't round. Is there a way to manually adjust the horizontal FOV to correct this?
  13. Problem solved! I downloaded Version 1.01 of the T-45 and it's now flyable. I'll check the flyability of the Skyhawk as well since I now have a newer version of of C++ Visual Studio.
  14. I'm having the same problem. I can't pilot the aircraft or get into the cockpit. I downloaded and installed the x64 file recommended by nibbylot but still the same problem. I can only watch from outside the cockpit as the plane flies itself. Quickstart locks up DCS. BTW, I have the same problem with the free A-4e Skyhawk mod. Any ideas?
  15. Hello, I, like many others, utilize a multi-monitor cockpit setup and currently export the F-14s VDI and HSD to independent monitors within my cockpit. I have a real heads up display system and am seeking guidance to export the HUD to its' monitor. This would require some LUA tweaking which is where I'll need assistance as I'm not fluent in LUA scripting. Through the forums like ED I've been able to successfully export MFDs for the for the F-18 and the F-14 fairly easily (see attached pic) but I haven't yet found any information on exporting the F-14 HUD. Basically the HUD would need to be re
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