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  1. Is anyone using 2.1.1? Does it have any drawbacks? Khopa suggests on GitHub we should stick to 2.1.0, but I am kind of curious, plus I do not know when the next stable update comes out.
  2. They can do it, even with 3 wingmen it is no issue. The A-10C, Georgia campaign missions all started on the runway, so it seems to be the norm in ED missions.
  3. Hi! I attached a .miz file generated by Liberation 2.0. liberation_nextturn.miz
  4. I tested it, just placed a few tanks in ME and had them drive around. They were not glowing. When I play a mission generated by DCS Liberation, they do glow, for whatever reason. I think I am going to post this on Khopa's Github instead.
  5. I do not use mods, this is on vanilla Caucasus. The screens are from a DCS Liberation 2.0 generated mission though. Perhaps that is the issue. I am going to check, if it is present in missions I create in the ME.
  6. I noticed moving vehicles have an orange hue around them, similar to the glow effect around burning wreckages. The effect disappears when the vehicle stops, or goes through water. I made some screenshots. Abrams' and Bradleys on the move: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5fqdpczcsjuBDedK6 Abrams tanks standing still: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pCEETvjSTQ6nFhv59
  7. I get INS DEGD caution, and I do not know what to do, to make it go away. Velocity vector is all over the place as a result. I wish there was an update on the cold start procedure.
  8. Truly amazing work Khopa! Thank you very much! This dynamic campaign generator finally makes the single player experience meaningful. I am so glad you picked this project up. I did not buy the Hornet and Supercarrier for nothing. All the practice I have been doing since spring, can now finally pay off in an unpredictable combat environment. The new version is pretty sleek. I have one issue though, which I reported on GitHub. I suppose this has more to do with DCS AI, but if you could find a workaround, or someone can suggest one, it would be great. AI flights run out of fuel, because the
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