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  1. I noticed the Red arty was constantly shooting at Kareli on Tacview. Maybe that could be the source ?
  2. I feel so bad for saying so. But they don't appear anymore in some missions
  3. Yeah some missions don't have Farp on F10 map anymore. I don't think it is intentional. What I usually do in this case is quickly hop in a Jtac slot and put a mark on the F10 map to show where the Farp is (you need Combined Arms to do so though)
  4. Yeah CA and 2.7 don't seem to play well together at the moment. Hopefully something gets done so you don't have to spend hours hunting bugs. I hope we'll see you on the server soon, it's really packed these days and it's awesome.
  5. Yeah that was a pretty epic fight we had ! Thankfully a Viggen was able to kill a few BMPs and clean some of the bases beforehand. But it really shows that one single unit can do a lot when deployed to capture an airfield. GG again, it was a crazy ending
  6. I have a question about EWRs dropped by CTLD. Tonight on Open Range blue couldn't get any answer on 251 again (the only default EWR remaining was far from the action so that might be why) I dropped a fresh one with a helo and it only worked on 124. My question is: is it a CTLD thing or can something be done about this ? It's always confusing as players usually don't understand what's happening and leave unless someone tells them to switch on 124. If nothing can be done about it in mission edition, I suggest maybe adding a line about this in briefings to make it clearer.
  7. Saw a few Hueys today on Open Range resloting after bringing their stuff of even landing 100m from the farp and ditch their chopper there. I feel like a "BRING YOUR AIRFRAME BACK TO BASE, THEY ARE LIMITED AND YOUR TEAM WILL LOSE THEM" popup sign with bright colors, a huge siren sound and possibly fireworks might be in order.
  8. There's an unofficial Discord server here : https://discord.gg/6Mf3W5eS And an official TeamSpeak server as well : ts50.gameservers.com:9132
  9. To add my 2 cents to this thought, I find that Fight Island works quite well in that regard. The cap zone around Queshm has a few hiding zones but not too much so you can still hide a sneaky unit but it wouldn't take hours for a ground unit or by air to find it. Plus the units have to expose themselves quite a lot to even get to the cap zone. (I know it's not on Syria but you get the idea)
  10. Agreed 100%. I'd personnally love more Syria missions, choppers are a delight to fly on this map. Regarding the ground battles I feel it's about the same result as in Search and Destroy. If a tac-comm moves the units situated in cities (Jahrom or Fasa) it becomes really tedious to try and find them. It's usually pretty hard to hit them by air since it takes a while to even locate one tank in such cluttered areas. And unless the teams are heavily unbalanced you rarely have time to stay long before getting slammed. While I totally understand the ground warfare realism behind it, I rememb
  11. I was in fact still on 251. Haven't played dcs in a while I dont remember 124 being a thing for slingloaded EWRs. My bad if that's the case !
  12. I tried different servers and the CTD seems to happen only when I select the Mig 21 on certain servers and not others. Tried different modules on different servers and they seem to work fine. That's a relief !
  13. EWR didn't seem to answer on Phone Booth yesterday. I joined late and I think the ones available at mission start were destroyed prior to my joining, I slingloaded a new one and it was mute (blue side) Red side said theirs were working but had weapon issues (classic warehouse bug I assume) Take care and thanks again Alpen
  14. I had no crash with previous Nvidia driver and get CTD as soon as I hit the "fly" button with 466.27 I'm installing the lastest Win10 update (KB5001391), fingers crossed EDIT : still crashes with Win10 update fml
  15. It should work, I use the F10 waypoints on the server 100% of the time. I haven't been playing DCS for about 2 weeks though so maybe some update fucked it up ?
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