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  1. After update, tried on two separate occasions to hit moving Neustrashimy ship with GBU-10 (x2) and GBU-12 (x4) using point track from angels 30+. First pair of -10s hit, causing 50% damage, then ALL other bombs dropped under the same conditions (including a subsequent pair of -10s) hit the water to the aft of the ship, inflicting 0% damage. I don't know whether I just got lucky with the first pair, but to me the behaviour looks exactly the same as before the update.
  2. I’d be interested to know if this will fix recent behaviour I’ve noticed when dropping GBU-10 on ships. I get a point lock at 20nm out, pickle after the tone, and then watch the laser correcting the path on the way down. Bombs appear to be just about to hit the moving ships, but right at the end hit the water just behind the ship. This happens regardless of ripple qty.
  3. Thanks. It's working intermittently. I guess I'll just have to live with that.
  4. Greetings, I've recently got my hands on an HP Reverb G2 and have been gradually finding an optimal setup in DCS (given my now 'old' GTX1080), but I have been increasingly frustrated by the behaviour of the mouse in VR. The behaviour: with the HMD resting on my head and looking at my monitor, I can see the mouse can be moved around the cockpit of the aircraft, or the menus and can select buttons etc. If I take the headset off my head and look into the HMD's displays, I can see that the displays are mirroring the behaviour I see on screen. BUT as soon as I fit the HMD on my head with my eyes into the gasket, the mouse cursor stops functioning and even disappears. If I then remove the HMD, I see that the mouse is still working in the cockpit on the monitor. What I've tried: 1) Toggling Use Mouse 2) Toggling Confine cursor to game window 3) Toggling Alt-Enter 4) Toggling Win+Y (as WMR suggests) 5) Multiple game and PC restarts with different configurations of the above. I've had a look for reports of the same behaviour and haven't found anything. Would be grateful for some advice. Edit: Right after posting this, I gave it another shot and it seemed to work okay, but as soon as I alt-tabbed out to start Voice Attack, it all went back to how it was before and I wasn't able to restore the game window focus, such that the mouse worked ok. Cheers, R
  5. I completely understand the logic of having to open the canopy to update the DTC (latest update), since IRL this would allow the crew chief to hand the cartridge to the pilot. Would it not therefore also make sense for the canopy to be left open in hot starts and auto starts until the DTC update is completed? Interested to hear what you think. R
  6. Alternative workaround After a couple of attempts at rebinding the normal way, I just right-clicked on the JOY-RZ that had been bound after my last unsuccessful attempt and selected 'Reset combo to default', tried again to map it and it worked.
  7. That did the trick, thanks. I found the OB entry in the registry, changed the path from D to E, just ran the latest update, and no rogue folders have appeared. Result! Thanks again. R
  8. Thanks for the tip, old chap. I’ll take a look at the registry entries tomorrow. Cheers, R
  9. No. It was in the root directory of my D drive (HDD). It’s now installed in the same place on my new E drive (SSD). So when the game updates, a new DCS Open Beta folder appears back on the D drive, containing, as I said, the rogue mods and scripts folders. Cheers, R
  10. Hi, A few months ago I migrated my DCS OB installation to a new SSD drive to improve performance and it went relatively smoothly. The only issue I've noticed is that when DCS is updated, a new Open Beta game folder is created on the old drive, containing only the mods and scripts folders. Is there any way I can redirect these folders to the installation contained on the new drive? Many thanks in advance, R
  11. Sunset over Bandar-e Abbas So beautiful I had to share.
  12. Roger that. It was more an observation than a report, but duly noted. Thanks.
  13. Not that I could find in the Control Menu. There is only the ‘autopilot OFF’ option. (S7: Autopilot Off) The only way to manipulate the A/P otherwise is via the UFCP.
  14. Deka, WOW! You've done a great job with the JF-17. Thanks for the free-trial, which allowed me to see for myself, what my buddy had been going on about all these weeks. I bought the module yesterday. It's a very flyable and versatile beast. It may be a while before I get back in my Hornet. As I've been optimising my set-up, I've noticed a couple of niggles. I'm using a Warthog HOTAS, keyboard and Touch Portal combination. Autopilot OFF - this is mapped by default to my stick, but why isn't this an Autopilot ON/OFF toggle? This would be a real blessing. External Lights - I've been trying to set up Touch Portal for this and some other 'head down' stuff, but the switch logic doesn't really work. Many of the switches are three-state and options are available for 'state-1/off' or 'state-2/off' but generally it seems it does the action in only one direction. Isn't it possible to provide a single button solution to 'cycle' the states also? 'state-1 -> OFF -> state-2 -> OFF ->'? Other than that there's very little to grumble about and my buddy and I have been having great fun obliterating a wide range of ground and air targets in this gem of a jet. Thanks! R
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