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  1. Sorry to hear that you do not like The cockpit. May be it gets an Update regarding textures...
  2. Squadron Name: TaktLwG 66 Aircraft Selection: F16; n.n. Time Zone: UTC +2 (until last weekend in october, then UTC +1) Pilot Roster: [TaktLwG66] Brainiac [TaktLwG66] Boomer [TaktLwG66] Forgety [TaktLwG66] Godfather [TaktLwG66] Jimbo [TaktLwG66] NoGear Reserves: [TaktLwG66] DaVinci [TaktLwG66] PeeJott
  3. I just found another pretty nice vid. Again GrimReapers/Cap-style and of course entertaining and informativ (as always) Cheers, PeeJott.
  4. Hi guys, here is the link to the Trailer: It will be aired today at 16h30 UTC Cheers, PeeJott.
  5. And here is a bit of NEWS: There will be a rerelease of the VSN_F104G/S Mod with a 3d-cockpit and with an EFM. It will take place in October, so I would advise to just watch this space But before, J.P.Ferrée has a little treat for you On the 17th of september he will air the Trailer for the ReRelease, (which is pretty cool by the way) on his channel. Here is the cover of the Trailer: And here is the link to his channel with lots of other pretty cool cinematics and short-films: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCencd-epE-gXBElKqQfoyBg So take a look, have fun and watch this space for further news. Cheers, PeeJott.
  6. Hi @jacson158 That is a fantastic idea. The F8 will be made by, I think, Letherneck Simulations as a full fidelity module. As it takes time to make the mods (and mostly a bit of money) it might be not that appealing. The next problem is, that if SFM is used, there is a problem with carrier landing with SFM-MODs...of course it might be worth a look or two Your described scenario is one that is appealing to me as well But wouldn't be the F-4 a better fit??
  7. Hi there. I'm experiencing, that when I install a mod on a dedicated server and let said mod be a AI, that the custom tanks don't show correctly on the plane. I reworked the weapons.lua a few times but nothig changed, they still don't show the right way. If my client spawns with an AI-Wingman, everything is good and well, the tanks show correctly on the AI-Wingman. In Singleplayer there is no problem at all, whether AI-Wingman or AI-Non-Wingman, the tanks show correctly. Only on a dedicated server (mod is installed there as well) there is said problem... If anybody experienced that problem as well and has a solution, I would be quite happy, but any help is appreciated Cheers, PeeJott
  8. @seabatgreat stuff. If you'd get around to painting it and you don't mind sending it over, I'll contact cdpkobra to get it into The next version of the Thud
  9. You need to find The right CLSID-Code for the M117 in the weapons.lua in your dcs installation Folder. Use NotePad++ for this. Than you need to copy that to The pylon you want The bombs on...but I Think I habe looked and didn't find 6xM117...so it could be a waste of time...
  10. Sehr cool das es mit der BO weitergeht. Auf den Hubi freu ich mich auch. Astrein! Ich drücke die Daumen für einen guten Wirkungsgrad :-)
  11. Moin und hallo. Ich bin gerade in der Endphase des Erstellens eines EFM für die F-104G (für den VSN-MOD) und würde mich freuen, wenn es hier vielleicht den einen oder anderen echten ehemaligen F-104 Piloten gibt, der Interesse hätte sich das EFM einmal anzuschauen und mir ein wenig Input geben könnte, was völlig daneben ist, was halbwegs passt und was vielleicht auch ganz gut ist. Dazu muss ich sagen, dass es hier nicht um ein EFM geht das "spot-on" ist, sondern eine, sagen wir mal, gute Annäherung um das Gefühl des Fliegens eines Starfighter dem geneigten Interessenten ein wenig näher zu bringen. Dazu bräuchte man eigentlich nur die F15C (besser das ganze FlamingCliffs-3 Paket) und dann könnte es schon losgehen. Natürlich sollte das EFM nicht vor dem endgültigen Release rumgereicht werden, aber das versteht sich ja eigentlich von selbst. Wer also über das KnowHow verfügt und Lust hätte, bitte gerne eine PN an mich LGs PeeJott
  12. Hi. Great Idea. Would really love to see a good DCS-Movie featuring the F104. The Problem with the NF104 is, that it would need a totally new aircraft model which needs to be animated and everything. So I think that is not too likely. If you need more "thrust" in the F104G, that could be done without problem ;-)
  13. I think it is ripple decrease in the inputs? When you hit that button, an orange-ish light comes on in the forward-right console. That indicates that you will now just drop the bombs from the selected station from one wing. The bombs on the other wing stay put. I have not yet found a way to just drop e.g. 3 of the 6 bombs from the 6-bombs-rack...but to divide it between stations is a step ahead I think You need to be below 250kts. If you are faster, the gear does not come down. I think it is 450 km/h for the F-105. Same with the flaps. Flaps stage one 250 kts or 450 km/h, landing flaps (flaps stage 2) even slower, I think 200 kts and 400 km/h...
  14. No. Sorry. I had a help-desk request which was passed to the developers of ED...but sadly I got a message that nobody would take a look, since everybody is to busy doing other things which is a bit sad. The Idea is more or less the same as the Thrust-Thing with the MB339 or A4, but there is no chance to get an answer there about that as well, since the guy who coded it for the A4 is not longer on the team, and the MB339 guys said, that since they are now a 3rd Party, they are not allowed to talk about it...
  15. The Shrike's work only in the F-105G and you need to take the phantasmagoria pod. Than just switch the pod on, the radar sources will appear in the hud. Put the box on top of a diamond. Designate the target and presto, works like a charm. ;-) You can change the amount of Bombs you drop with I think it es sequence????Just take a look in the input-setup ;-) Pretty great video. Keep it up, really entertaining
  16. Hi guys. Good news for everybody favoring the 1960's aircrafts. The F-105D and F-105G have been released. The supersonic-fighter-bomber with the most sorties flown in vietnam. You can download the mod, with a bunch of very cool liveries bei Urbi here: https://www.lockonforum.de/community/thread/8315-f-105-thunderchief/?postID=85026#post85026 A few words before the questions start piling in: If you chose to fully load the F-105 with bombs, and it can carry a lot of those Mk82s. be sure to set landing-flaps for takeoff. You'll need the extra lift. If the runway is short...good luck. Landing speed is about 310-320 kph (yes, it's kph not kn, since it is Su27 cockpit). You need landing-flaps for landing, hence the name. If you try landing with maeuvre-flaps, than you better be a good pilot And if you want to hunt some sams in the 105G, don't forget the phantasmagoria-pod, because without it, the Shrike and Harms won't launch AtoA radar is not implemented, but for Aim9s you don't need it. Switch to AtoA-Mode (longitudinal-mode), put those crosshairs on target and wait for "The Tone" Have fun with the mod, and a big THANK-YOU goes out to CdpKobra and the VSN-Team
  17. Hi @brianiscool Thanks a lot for your answer....cool somebody replying. Sadly, the idea was already scrapped since it was an idea to change aerodynamics_table of SFM "on the fly". The idea was to throw like 6 aerodynamic tables into the aircraft.lua and with a function like if altitude higher than x and lower than y, choose table A, if altitude higher z and lower than w choose table B and so forth. The idea behind it was to get the plane to behave exactly as it should be in the certain altitudes. The same idea (which would've been an addon) would work for AoA...but since a lot of guys said, that changing SFM tables on the fly is not possible, since SFM-tables are loaded at the very beginning into DCS and can't be modified afterwards...well the idea was not so interesting anymore ;-)
  18. @CBYZ in The working (sfm) mods no copying from dcs-install Folder is necessary. Just download The sfm Version and unpack into savedgames/dcs/mods/aircraft/VSN_xxxyyyzzz. Should work After that
  19. Hi guys. I try to run a dedicated server, where some modified missions (Jasmin and Syria-Pendulum) are beeing run. Everything works fine, but since it is a 60's/70's style server, there are F-104G (VSN-MOD) and others on the map, as clients and as AI. If a F-104G starts as AI, the TipTanks (which are "new" objects found in the F-104G folder in saved games and are declared in the F-104.lua) are replaced by miniguns...which is quite crazy. Does I have to save the MOD-Aircrafts in a different folder on a dedicated server? If I fly the F104G by myself, everything is fine. If I run the mission on my normal DCS Client (not on the dedicated server) everything is allright... I would really apreciate a few helping words Thanks a lot in advance, Cheers, PeeJott.
  20. Hi @jocko417 It's a minigun instead of the tiptank...funny thing, when I use the standard-skin fpr AI (I think its Jabo32 or something) there is no problem. If I fly it with this skin as client on the server, there is no problem either...it's sadly the combination of the F104G and your pretty nice (and perfect fitting for the mission) smokeII skin...I'll test some more and see, if the problem keps popping up after a newly installed F104G + lieveries...lets see ;-)
  21. @jocko417 I'm using the smoke-II liverie (and new common folder) on a dedicated server where a few missions with the F-104G are planned. But if the F104G with the above mentioned livery is used as AI, I get an interesting image of the wing-tip-fuel-tanks which looks like the one in the attachement...quite funny, but where is the problem? I've got the F104G installed with everything in the savedgames folder.... ...when I use it as a client plane, everything is fine... When I fly the mission on my "normal" DCS-installation (different PC) everything is fine as well, even when the F104G is flown by the AI...
  22. Since so many would like to have a full blown F104 Mod (I am one of those guys as well): If you happen to know somebody Who wants to make a 3d cockpit for it or has one and would license a copy (not exclusive), feel invited to contact me
  23. Great skins. Really like those camo-ones. Good job
  24. Yess, a F-105 would be quite something...just such a sexy plane :-)
  25. Hi @assafm25 I do not know the list for all planes, since there are quite a few. But it is always the same .../Saved Games/DCS/Mods/Aircrafts/<the Mod Name>/<put The Mod here>
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