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  1. Since so many would like to have a full blown F104 Mod (I am one of those guys as well): If you happen to know somebody Who wants to make a 3d cockpit for it or has one and would license a copy (not exclusive), feel invited to contact me
  2. Great skins. Really like those camo-ones. Good job
  3. Yess, a F-105 would be quite something...just such a sexy plane :-)
  4. Hi @assafm25 I do not know the list for all planes, since there are quite a few. But it is always the same .../Saved Games/DCS/Mods/Aircrafts/<the Mod Name>/<put The Mod here>
  5. @jocko417 The Skins look great. Will download a few when I'm Home. Really good work! Thanks a lot
  6. Hi. Thanks...yes I've got that already but it is a bit like "if you know how it works, you know how it works" kind of way But I'll read through it one more time...may be my understanding grows when I work with all that stuff more and the things mentioned are not that foreign to me anymore
  7. If it would work, that you utilize another value (such as altitude) for the SFM the next step would be, to use AoA as well, since it would come in handy for stall characteristics. But first-things-first, how can altitude been integrated? Are there some "global variables" which are looked for by DCS? Is there another possibility to integrate it? If you could help me out, it is greatly apreciated :-)
  8. sorry guys, posted the wron table. This is the one which does (or shall do) what I posted above for the A4E-C: thrust_max = -- thrust interpolation table by altitude and mach number, 2d table. Modified for carrier takeoffs at/around 71 foot deck height { M = {0, 0.1, 0.225, 0.23, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.1}, H = {0, 19, 20, 23, 24, 250, 4572, 7620, 10668, 13716, 16764, 19812}, thrust = {-- M 0 0.1 0.225 0.23, 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.1
  9. Hi guys. I've been working on an SFM for the F104 and think, it is not too bad already. But I recognized, that the SFM has the limitation, that it only "decides" on speed and NOT on altitude. My goal is to make it take "altitude" into account as well, which I didn't get to function right now. My idea was to do it like the MB339 and A4E did with their engine table_data whre there is just an "extended" afterwards and a declaration which looks like this (in red): table_data = { -- M Pmax {0.0, 0.0,0.0}, --
  10. Hi Freebirddz. Thanks for your answer. Yes, it will be interesting to do, but having an EFM with FC3 avionics is perfect to start out, since you can focus on one thing at a time, which will be in my case the EFM. I gather you just programmed the pure flightmodel and no systems in the EFM-files and use the Systems/Avionics and cockpit through this code in your entry.lua. I just wrote you a PM since I don't know if you are allright if I post your code here. It would be great if you could give me a "right" or "wrong" to my asumptions, since it would be perfect if I did not hav
  11. Hi. Great MOD, just gave it a try. Very nice Just a few questions regarding EFM and FC3, since I'll be trying to do the same thing for the VSN_F104G MOD (right now just at the beginning of understanding EFM, but I'll be getting there): Do you have to take special care about something when programming the EFM if you want to use it with FC3 avionics? It would be great to not run into the same problems somebody else already encountered
  12. Well guys, today it dawned on me, that the problem is, that I call my script (as above) from the entry.lua or from the aircraft.lua. Those files are loaded right at the beginning when DCS initializes itself. It is not so hard to understand, that the above mentioned global variables/functions "get_base_data()" return a nil value, because there is just nothing to return, or, more precise, those functions/variables are not there when the script is executed. I tried a little workaround with: local function LoGetSelfPlane() local selfdata = LoGetSelfData()
  13. Hi guys. I've been fiddling around with a little script, that should only fetch the base data "get_base_data()" from DCS and store it in a variable. I don't want to do anything fancy, right now, just that. As a way of knowing if it works, I did put the "Print_message_to_user" in the script as well. It looks like this: local Get_System_info = GetSelf() local dev = GetSelf() ----------------------------------------- local update_time_step = 0.01 local sensor_data = get_base_data() make_default_activity(update_time_step) -
  14. Hi guys. I did some work on the F104G SFM, using ReadBeard2's gathered data and sfm and tuned it a bit, so the F104 flies a little bit more like an F104. Changed Radar and loadouts as well. If you like, download it, and put it in your mods/aircraft/VSN_F104G folder. But don't be disappointed, since the VSN_F104G flies differently after the "update" and the radar can only lock things max 60nm away.... ;-) dropbox.com/s/w1e8swm87e85bus/VSN_F104G.lua?dl=0
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