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  1. OK thanks for these suggestions. I will give them a try. It must be that the defaults have been adjusted for this version because it's now so different. And yes, previously to get the load menu, I had to hold in the OSB and wait, and then press another OSB, but in this newer version (or mine, anyway) it is now always there. Plus no TGP on left MFD and the MAV is now on the left instead of the right, and a few other changes like that. Definitely not what I expected to happen, and no longer matches what is in the manual. It'snot bothering me, but just surprising me because it was a big unexpecte
  2. After updating DCS World to latest version, the TAD no longer has waypoint lines when starting mission from a warm start. Previously to make the waypoint lines disappear either needed to select LOFF or spend too much time taxiing around on the ground (for some reason). Now they never appear in the first place, even if I do a fresh DTS upload. Also now the LOAD option is always present on the left MFD, where this was not the case before (seems they have removed left TGP option to add this change). I think that makes it too possible to accidentally perform a load operation if we mash the button
  3. I agree with you about the difficulties that may lie ahead, and it sounds like this also will be something where Virpil will need to look at their own software as well. Obviously anything where we start messing around with "virtual devices" to make things do more than the original specifications of the hardware protocol intended, we're more likely to experience some problems. My own comments are more aimed at generic USB device issues where it's more related to power drain than software issues. Some of the TM components just have bad wiring because they've tried to make them too cheap. Virpil
  4. I believe this problem may be hardware dependent and could depend on what specific USB devices are connected (and how they identify themselves), your MoBo, RAM, CPU, quality of hubs and cables you use, plus whether the hubs are powered or not, and whether the power to the hub is actually working. I have 20 USB devices currently connected and they're all working fine. 17 of the devices are connected via daisychained T-LINK 7 port powered hubs, and 3 additional devices are plugged directly into the rear USB ports. But I also have a PC that most would regard as "complete overkill
  5. Is it possible to do other related things like this? I mean, for example, could I get the wings to render in HUD only view?
  6. Hi ... this problem can happen if you accidentally twist the stick so that it rotates slightly in the base and the pins get temporarily disconnected or temporarily fail. In an extreme case, the pins can get permanently damaged. This is the worst and strangest thing about the decision by TM (and also Virpil) to use PS2 style connectors. These sticks are too big and heavy to be safe with such flimsy connectors that are easily damaged. The sticks also rotate easily in the base when you're in the thick of a battle, and using a stick extension can increase the possibiltiy of that happening. If you
  7. Good to know, BN880. I would certainly be happy to pay you for repairs if I get into a situation where the repairs are needed.
  8. Hey guys, thanks for replies / comments. Sorry it took so long for me to check in. I've been really busy with a lot of projects. I'm a little confused on the comment from Andrew8604, regarding the 2 PC limit... why would it be necessary to limit to 2 PCs? I mean if you pay for the licenses, I would imagine the only limit ought to be the available bandwidth. And I agree 100% with that comment about wanting a "jerk free" environment. If we want to teach a new player how to use it or have a friendly game with people of equal skill level, it should be possible without having stran
  9. haha ... ok, that would probably do something to the view, but it also is going to make it cold and windy inside the plane
  10. Well, a picture is worth 1000 words, so I will spare a lot of detail and just show you what I want to do... top pic is "after" and bottom pic is "before"... and then if somebody can give me tips about how to get started, that would be awesome. If there's some mod like this that already exists, please also tell me that so nobody's time gets wasted on making something that already exists.
  11. I believe you should try to upgrade everything as much as possible. The CPU makes a difference, but system memory and graphics card memory (even the type of graphics card and what drivers it uses) make a big impact. I have Ryzen 5 3600XT and 8GB graphics card (upgrading to 32GB soon) and 64GB RAM (upgrading to 256GB soon). The fact that I am upgrading my system that is already far in excess of the recommended requirements should give you some indication, and note that I am upgrading the graphics card and system memory first before considering a change to the CPU. Most of the time I get good p
  12. In most games it's possible to set up a LAN multiplayer but I haven't seen anything about that for DCS. Can it be done? Any guides for doing that?
  13. heh... that's funny! I've been fuming about that ever since I signed up and never heard back from them!
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