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  1. This is a bit of a necro, but I was recently working with radio commands with renewed interest due to getting the Oculus Rift HMD for testing with DCS and other games. Please point me to more recent or more relevant threads on the subject if you know of any, but I was left wondering how the voice command system could be improved. People have been putting huge effort into profiles for popular voice command software to make sense of the complicated DCS radio command structure. I can only admire their work, but I really think people shouldn't need to go to such lengths to get voice commands to
  2. Sounds fantastic! This is what DCS needs so badly right now. Just one note; you mentioned that the moving ground war is like making a strategy game, but in reality it isn't. At least the all-important first step isn't. Let's take for example the Il-2 DCG. It simply has a list of units it spawns at the ends of a simple node-route track that is usually a simple line with maybe a few intersections. A bit like this: o-o-o-o=8=o-o-o. When a unit is destroyed it's placed back into the pool and beore each mission there's a random chance it will respawn at one end of the node-route network. Duri
  3. Dynamic campaigns, BOTH single AND multiplayer.
  4. I've been involved in testing and even kind of in the design efforts of some 3rd party dynamic engines for various games so I might as well start following this one as well. I'm not sure I completely understand your design, but it might be quite close to what I consider a good model for a dynamic campaign engine; the Il-2 DCG by Lowengrin (http://www.lowengrin.com/news.php). DCG is a deceptively simple (and this is a good thing) design that has immense room for growth. Basically it consists of a table of units for both sides and a (hand made) grid (is this similar to your concept of grid?)
  5. Basically yes. That's a pretty neat picture by the way, how did you approximate the effect? Additionally stereoscopic rendering (which is becoming a thing with Oculus & co.) will make vertical cockpit supports look much thinner. Everyone can try sitting in a (stationary!) car, cover one eye and observe the apparent width of the vertical supports change depending on the number of eyes used. That's of course an entirely different issue than the refraction stuff in this thread, but I think it's important to realize that simply creating a model that is accurate to the drawings may resul
  6. That Zaelu's image shows a far more massive difference than I imagined. Whether or not something is done about this issue is another matter altogether, but anyone with contacts to ED please ask them to do that refraction rendering in 3D max and then do another shot from the exact same position with regular rendering. That would be a fantastic and unique opportunity to demonstrate to the community just what they've been talking about for years. I mean something like 35% of the Internet is now filled with FW bars. Just PLEASE do it. It's totally worth it. The video is wonderful, but it's not an
  7. I may have succeeded in setting the Paypal account thing straight, at least the system told me money was sent and I got some kind of email from VEAO for my troubles so at least the money wasn't completely wasted if everything goes wrong anyway. I don't know if I messed something up or not trying to buy the plane, in the first stage where I was supposed to choose the payment method there was only the one choice (Paypal), in the next stage it asked me to pay with an existing Paypal account or create a new account. I managed to find my account details and got the thing working, so the first op
  8. I decided to take advantage of the easter offer and went to the store, added one Hawk with reduced price into the basket and proceeded to checkout only to find out that apparently I either need to have or to create a paypal account. I was under the impression this wasn't necessary and if that's true, what might I be doing wrong? The only options I get are "Pay with my Paypal account" and "Create a Paypal account" (which seems to include the option to pay with a credit card once the account is created. The problem is that years and years and years ago I created a Paypal account, was less tha
  9. I really really hope that it is - and it could well be, but it's by no means certain.
  10. The real question is why do simulators have a single player mode at all anymore? Basically multiplayer mode simply means sharing data and replicating events across a network between all the participants there is really no need for a single player mode at all. It's just a case where the number of participants is precisely one, meaning that you don't have to send data to anyone. Thus if you make all your stuff on top of this mode all the content is automatically available to every pilot out there regardless of if they like to fly single or multi. Of course this isn't up to Leatherneck, it's m
  11. It's good to have this as a sticky, but how about adding these options to the default controller file so that we don't have to replace it after each patch?
  12. With a suitably gradual onset of braking when you are not using an axis it should be possible to steer by using a non-analogue brake. Also it's quite possible to have the brakes on an axis if you bind it to one of your toe brakes on the pedals many of us have. Actually in this kind of cases I would like the both toe brakes to work so that the amount of braking would be determined by whichever brake is pushed down harder. Thus it would in practice still be a lot like regular toe brakes. Not completely realistic, but we're not in a real plane anyway, there are few sticks around with analog brake
  13. AndyHill

    Developer Diary

    I think you got something wrong there. The Hawk (in beautiful Finnish skin with an exquisite Finnish cockpit) is supposed to train people to fly MiGs, not shoot them down. In fact since the MiG has been out for a while now all those dead untrained virtual pilots are kind of your fault! Actually now that I think about it it's kind of good material for a conspiracy theory: I have pranged about two million sets of MiG undercarriage in botched landings so far, probably making the subcontractors producing them _very_ happy. And the all important trainer that is supposed to prevent such accidents
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