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  1. I am having an issue with Viacom Kneeboard extension. I have noticed that on CASE II and III recovery, the ATC tab in the Kneeboard does not show any of the information (blue writing) from ATC. In CASE I it works fine and gives BRC ect.., but It shows nothing for CASE II or III when I call in "Inbound". Any help is greatly appreciated, Crashbar.
  2. I'm having same issues and using the Virpil T-50 Gen1 throttle. I know it works for many people and really I appreciate the way ED works so hard to keep everything realistic. That's what makes me love this simulator so much. But I would really appreciate it if they could make this work like the MAVF with the uncheck realistic slewing. I just cannot get my controller to make this work and I quite like and use the EXP feature very much. I currently have my SNS Depress and my TDC Depress switched. I would love to switch them back. Thank you for your time, Crashbar.
  3. I have the most recent "Stable" version downloaded. I'm using a Virpil T-50 Gen1 Throttle. I had to turn the "Realistic TDC SLEW" to Off to get the MAVF to work which it does. Now using the new A/G EXP and with Realistic TDC Slew to OFF, unlike the Maverick I cannot get the EXP to slew after I select any of the EXP 1-3. Is there any fix to this coming or solution anyone has? Thank you for any help, Crashbar.
  4. This is also happening to me and I am running the latest stable version. I've also found others with the same issue as of today. "Cannot connect to server" error comes up when starting DCS.
  5. I'm very new to DCS and have tried to research this but I need some help please. I'm trying to delay my second strike force from my carrier and in the mission editor under "perform command", I do not see the "START"option like I have seen on tutorial videos. Has ED changed this? If so what is the new procedure to use "START" for delayed trigger. Any help is very much appreciated. Crashbar Nevermind I figured it out. I was looking for it under the ROUTE tab instead of the TRIGGER tab. All good!
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