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  1. Good. Looks like this update has some issues with the map Syria.
  2. I do have the same issue Ok, I figured it out. First try repairing DCS via following command: (Open CMD, go to /bin directory) F:\DCS World\bin>dcs_updater.exe repair If it doesn't work try reinstalling the module: F:\DCS World\bin>dcs_updater.exe install SYRIA_terrain Don't be afraid, it doesn't download the whole package. It just searches for already installed files and somehow fixes itself. Try and let me know if it works for you as well.
  3. Yes Yes Yes Yes! Avastcleaner did the work properly and now I have got rid of all the remainings. Now it's time to fly and chill :pilotfly: Thank you @silverdevil Thank you @MadDog-1C Thank you @c0ff Thank you @SkateZilla And biggest thanks to you @Flappie :thumbup:
  4. search returns nothing, it is not within the firewall rules. It is somewhere else.
  5. OHH MY GOD! First of all, thank you for the guidance above. I am getting close to the end. 1) I checked if there are still dropped packages? YES THERE ARE! 2) I enabled audit for windows filtering platform (after some struggling I managed it - link here for future references) 3) I found out that: a. The Windows Filtering Platform has blocked a packet. b. The Windows Filtering Platform has blocked a connection. c. The Windows Filtering Platform has blocked a packet. d. The Windows Filtering Platform has blocked a connection. e. ...and so on... 4) Checked the filterID
  6. Ok, I tried all of the methods in sequence (yes I know just one is enough - just to make sure) Still update is not possible with the same error. I might try reinstalling all network adapter drivers ... I dont know. I am out of energy. By the way.. anyone here knows Anatoly Zhavoronkov from Eagle Dynamics Support Team? He is not responding the ticket I created since 12th August. I am worrying about his health and I hope he is doing okay.
  7. LOL, if you were stucked with the same problem I would have felt sorry. Unfortunately, reseting the firewall settings didn't change anything. Now the situation is the same as previous one:
  8. PS C:\> Get-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "dcs" Name : UDP Query User{F2F25A42-EBA1-48A8-B213-82F1D63F6700}F:\dcs world\bin\dcs.exe DisplayName : DCS Description : DCS DisplayGroup : Group : Enabled : True Profile : Private, Public Platform : {} Direction : Inbound Action : Allow EdgeTraversalPolicy : DeferToUser LooseSourceMapping : False LocalOnlyMapping : False Owner : PrimaryStatus : OK Status
  9. It didn't work. 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2020-09-08 16:14:12 00000.015 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.19041; Win64; tr-TR) 00000.015 INFO : src-id: 9d01478b032a0eaaeb076fbab60e99c64e5310d0, lib-id: bae3744c50d64647d7c5ee5a1236d3ae42dbbb1e 00000.015 INFO : cmdline: "F:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\dcs_updater.exe" --apply install SYRIA_terrain 00021.100 STATUS: Initializing... 00021.101 INFO : basedir: F:\DCS World OpenBeta 00021.101 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00021.102 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD) 00021.102 INFO : branch: openbeta 00021.103 STATUS:
  10. Yes. This is exactly what happened. One of my friends suggested me to log Windows Firewall blocking activity. (Link: https://windowsreport.com/is-windows-firewall-blocking-port-program/) I enabled the log, run the updater. This is what I get. But I don't have any idea what is going on here. The dropped packages are probably related to DCS Updater. (but I am not sure) Update starts at 17:40:02 local time and failure came at 17:40:38
  11. News. Suddenly I rushed to my Laptop and tried to install beta version. (It is connected to the same network) When I double click the installation file Windows defender claimed that it was unable to connect smart screen. I clicked continue anyways and download started succesfully. So I can tell the problem is 100% related to my desktop. My plan is to complete installation and manually transfer all files to my desktop. Then see if it works. I'll let you guys informed about the process.
  12. No good, the same error pops up. Those 3 settings are deactive. (turned OFF)
  13. I have some news :) From the web site below I tried to perform a fresh install of beta version https://updates.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ That directed me to this website: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/beta/ I downloaded the installer but as it was just about to start the installation same error came: "Couldn't resolve host name" I'm confused, bacause release version was downloaded succesfully. Any suggestion?
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