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  1. I'll add to this issue. We noticed this "position lag" right after the super carrier release. Before then, client aircraft matched location in reference to other aircraft in a formation. I've provided some screenshots below that I will elaborate on to show the issue at hand. I listed the time of the track and positioned myself in IDENTICAL spots on the ground to take these screenshots, to demonstrate the effect this lag has. I use the head of each pilot as a reference to indicate jet position throughout this post. (Screenshot above ^) This is a screenshot from my track, me flying the left wing #3 jet. Based off the way this "position lag" acts, I will be in the proper location I saw from my aircraft in relation to the #1 lead aircraft. You can see that my head is located a few feet forward of the aft part of the left missile rail. #2 and #3 wingtips are "in line" meaning we have symmetrical distance forward/aft the lead aircraft. (Screenshot above ^) This is a screenshot from the #2 pilots track. You can see his Actual position is much further back than what my track indicates. My head (#3) is also further up the missile rail, nearly touching the front of the leading edge and the missile rail joining together. My assessment of the issue is non client aircraft will fly roughly 5-10 feet forward of their respective client positioning. To re-enforce, this is the SAME flight, same time, same ground camera position, where the only variable changing these screenshots is net code/lag issues. (Screenshot above ^) This final screenshot is from the lead aircraft #1 Flex track. Both wingmen #2/#3 are off from the client track. Between this screenshot and my client screenshot entitled "#3 Coop Client Track", there is nearly 10 feet difference forward and aft, based on my head location. ------- This screenshot shows my client viewpoint (#3 left wing) to prove my location on matches with only my track screenshot. I am flying WELL behind the leading edge and missile rail connection, which aligns with my first screenshot entitled "#3 Coop Client Track". But based off the screenshot entitled "#2 Razor Client Track", it has me flying about roughly 5 feet forward of that position. This screenshot (^) is taken from the Client track of the #2 Jet. He is flying well aft the center of the missile rail, as indicated by his client screenshot entitled "#2 Razor Client Track". But reference the screenshot entitled "#3 Coop Client Track" and you can see he is roughly a 1/3 of the way up the missile rail. G loading in this maneuver is consistently between 1.8 - 2.0 Gs, which is a relatively small amount in terms of the entire show. Adding G appears to cause a "drop" like Camel's post suggest. 5-10 feet in precise formation flying, particularly when wingtips and canopies can be within that 5-10 feet from other aircraft, this is a huge issue. We measure maneuvers based off inches, and moving 10 feet can be catastrophic to the formation. Based off the issues noted here, we ran into other issues that I presume to be associated with this "position lag". ${1} This video showcases an issue I believe is related to the "position lag" and shows the results of mismatched location. This is a video recorded from #2 Razors track, and showcases an abrupt, uncommanded nose down pitch attitude. We have had this issue occur several times, on this maneuver. We believe it is caused by the "position lag" inaccurately positioning us, in turn, causing an invisible or non existent collision, so to us, it appears there is a random abrupt nose dive. I'd like to re-emphasize all these screenshots are taken from the exact same time, same location, same angle. I hope these screenshots and description can help allow a solution to be made to fix the issue, because it is a significant hindrance to formation flying in DCS World. I'd be more than happy to answer more questions about our experience with this issue to help find a solution. Thanks - Coop
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