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  1. On a serious note, the Hornet has big X-wing energy. Not "traditionally" beautiful but there is beauty in the rugged industrial look of the thing that makes me weak at the knees.
  2. What am I even reading. Nothing here makes me want the Phantom less, never mind the completely subjective nature of the topic.
  3. No, it doesn't. Read the doc.
  4. No it isn't, Erhöhte Notleistung has nothing to do with C3 fuel http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190a8.html Erhöhte Notleistung rendered C3 injection obsolete.
  5. The technology you're looking for is Erhöhte Notleistung. A8s didn't get C3 and only some received GM1 kits. Basically all A8's from factory had Erhöhte Notleistung.
  6. I saw someone figure it out on release but I think it got nuked with the original trailer. Whats the song in the intro of the announce trailer? That is pushing my buttons real hard.
  7. Can't say I've been having issues with the radar at all in all honestly. The only bug i've so far seen regarding radar is that the bandit will instantly start defending a TWS launch despite having zero awareness that a shot has been fired.
  8. Well observed, you are correct. I'm still suspicious but its a valid observation.
  9. If anything its propaganda aimed at Indias acquisition of Rafales since they kind of don't like each other very much.
  10. Because at this point in the war the Allied planes were simply much better than the Germans on all fronts. The Anton peaked in '43 and BMW simply couldn't get the 801F going so FW switched to the Jumo to make the Dora. The issue is this A8 is a late 43/Early44 spec while all the Allied planes are late 44/early 45 models. It is expected that the A8 should be at a disadvantage, but it shouldn't be this severe given it should have EN Boost.
  11. Because BMW couldn't finish the 801F, which would give the Anton similar power output to the Jumo in the Dora. The Dora was more of a need to get more PS into the 190 airframe than it being better than the Anton.
  12. Kicking the the thread. Erhöhte Notleistung is neither C3 injection or MW50. This modification was standard on all 190A8s from July 1944. Our A8 should have ER boost. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190a8.html
  13. Hi Lee1hy I recently repackaged your mod so it points to the 190A8, do you mind if I upload it, or could you do one yourself? Attached is a screenshot to show what it looks like Cheers
  14. >"I have to explain first I use a particular procedure I kind of invented for myself after watching some real MiG-21 videos, I come @400Km/H to the end and just chop the throttle at threshold and make a not so long and nice flare to let the aircraft set by itself on the ground" He might have done it "deliberately" for the "test" purposes he posted with tracks buts its clearly a normal thing for him to do when flying the plane (hence the content of my response). Intentionally flying the plane wrong and then being surprised when the plane is fixed and it now has consequences for doing so is simply an irrelevant complaint. Now if it was bouncing when one landed correctly then yeah it'd be suspect, but it turns out planes do bounce when you land hard, even WW2 birds and they definitely don't have as strong landing gear. Not to mention its an observable phenomenon in other flight sims. People generally wildly underestimate the resilience of landing gear, or take DCS at face value of what should be correct when it turns out it ain't. This video clearly shows the front will bounce if you land too hard. By his own admission and description (unlike the video where the pilot is just slow) hes going fast enough to pitch the plane high enough on the front end bounce to get enough air over the wings again to get the plane back in the air. The criticism is valid, fly the plane right the right things happen.
  15. Quite simply you're forcing the plane to the ground, you're coming in far too steep and absolutely slamming it into the ground, not only that your stick control is all over the place. The plane when trimmed correctly and setup correctly (in advance rather than immediately in the mission 1min to touchdown) floats to the ground with minimal input. For reference I'm flying on a TMWH with no extension. This is pilot error, not FM error. As an example I've attached a screenshot of my own landing using your own track. I'm also attaching two examples that show a vastly superior method of getting the plane to the ground that while not necessarily by the book, definitely doesn't end up breaking the plane like you did. While using an older version of DCS, as tested its still relevant to your requirements. And this one I did without a wing tl;dr: you're doing it wrong. edit: On a side note, thankyou thankyou THANKYOU for fixing the landing gear clipping issue. Just fantastic that its finally fixed
  16. IIRC its run by a dishonorably discharged serviceman with an axe to grind. He legit wanted us to buy Su-30s.
  17. EnvyC


    Don't know why this meme still persists, the current texture work is damn close.
  18. Also here is a Viper that was "tested" for the ASRAAM, and since thats enough for ED these days rather operational loadouts I would like to see ASRAAM added to the F16 and F/A-18, given the RAAF is also an operator of the ASRAAM https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/uk-complex-weapons/advanced-short-range-air-air-missile-asraam/
  19. Should have been obvious when the added the LIT pod to station 4 of the Hornet that people only care about min-maxing on TTI. LIT pod should now be added to the outer wing mounts since theres evidence of RAAF Hornets doing so. Oh and since its actually a Spanish Hornet, IRIST. and Python 5 Oh and while we're at it all of the international operators weapons on the F16, like Python 5 and ASRAAM
  20. I'd argue its even more stable, especially at higher speeds. Theres nothing wrong with it, you're just pitching it into the stall envelope.
  21. Yeah let me just pull one out of thin air just for you :)
  22. Given the jet is on Block 3 with weapons suited for that platform, I think what we've got is what we're getting, which is great in my opinion. Means Deka is just on cleanup and bug smashing.
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