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  1. >"I have to explain first I use a particular procedure I kind of invented for myself after watching some real MiG-21 videos, I come @400Km/H to the end and just chop the throttle at threshold and make a not so long and nice flare to let the aircraft set by itself on the ground" He might have done it "deliberately" for the "test" purposes he posted with tracks buts its clearly a normal thing for him to do when flying the plane (hence the content of my response). Intentionally flying the plane wrong and then being surprised when the plane is fixed and it now has consequences for d
  2. Quite simply you're forcing the plane to the ground, you're coming in far too steep and absolutely slamming it into the ground, not only that your stick control is all over the place. The plane when trimmed correctly and setup correctly (in advance rather than immediately in the mission 1min to touchdown) floats to the ground with minimal input. For reference I'm flying on a TMWH with no extension. This is pilot error, not FM error. As an example I've attached a screenshot of my own landing using your own track. I'm also attaching two examples that show a vastly superior method of
  3. IIRC its run by a dishonorably discharged serviceman with an axe to grind. He legit wanted us to buy Su-30s.
  4. EnvyC


    Don't know why this meme still persists, the current texture work is damn close.
  5. Also here is a Viper that was "tested" for the ASRAAM, and since thats enough for ED these days rather operational loadouts I would like to see ASRAAM added to the F16 and F/A-18, given the RAAF is also an operator of the ASRAAM https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/uk-complex-weapons/advanced-short-range-air-air-missile-asraam/
  6. Should have been obvious when the added the LIT pod to station 4 of the Hornet that people only care about min-maxing on TTI. LIT pod should now be added to the outer wing mounts since theres evidence of RAAF Hornets doing so. Oh and since its actually a Spanish Hornet, IRIST. and Python 5 Oh and while we're at it all of the international operators weapons on the F16, like Python 5 and ASRAAM
  7. I'd argue its even more stable, especially at higher speeds. Theres nothing wrong with it, you're just pitching it into the stall envelope.
  8. Yeah let me just pull one out of thin air just for you :)
  9. Given the jet is on Block 3 with weapons suited for that platform, I think what we've got is what we're getting, which is great in my opinion. Means Deka is just on cleanup and bug smashing.
  10. Hes correct, though how much of that is a symptom globally or just the SD10 is up for debate as similar behaviour was seem in other Fox3s. But yeah its really simple to defeat, a bit too simple if you ask me. Doesn't really fit the ballpark of in between a Bravo and Charlie AMRAAM.
  11. Whats amusing is since MAG3 updated the FM I'd argue it performs vastly better than its current equivalent, the F5E.
  12. Block 1+ My understanding, and its been a while to be honest, is that the Block 1 didn't even have a second radio, no datalink, no AAR. It was barebones as hell. After the improvements to Block 2 came through a lot of Block 1 airframes were upgraded to Block 2 spec, so we have D/L, second radio, AAR etc.
  13. Deka is right though, they're being held to a higher standard simply due to their background, which is just an absolute shame given the monstrous amount of content available in the JF17. Its not like all other modules are perfect and *don't* have issues with their FMs, its not like they *don't* have issues with their missiles due to the outdated missile API. The fact they've worked so hard to work around said jank in the DCS engine to try and reflect the real life capability is something to be celebrated, not criticized. I made my account specifically because the hate here is ridiculous,
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