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  1. SQUELCH OFF = static cut out SQUELCH ON = static passed through It might have been the case that the artist, during cockpit graphic overhaul, put the labels in reverse. The radio works as labeled in the manual (smaller picture below, with orange arrows visible), not as in the cockpit (bigger, darker picture).
  2. [DELETED] Sorry, wrong forum, I included pictures from A-10CII (in which squelch works in reverse in UHF radio), this is Huey forum. Sorry.
  3. Thank you, Rudel_chw! So... yep, he turned left (east) to Bravo, then left (north) to Golf. I followed him from Alpha via Golf. Aw, thanks a lot for these explanations, Yurgon. It's really the insight noobs miss! See, when you're new to DCS you don't have a faintest idea on what's going on around, e.g. AI behaviour. Sometimes I feel like a child in the fog That might have been it! Perhaps I should just wait for the cool-down period (yes, I remember he mentioned it) and perhaps then he'll speak. I'll fly again today, thanks!
  4. Hi, BD! Oh, I wish I had had such an interactive, Hollywood-style campaign for beginners when I was learning the Hawg. Damn it! I think I'll get it either way, you can never have enough campaigns. Point 1: Is it intentional that some voiceovers are so deeply overdriven? Some sounded very, very "sharp". Point 2: Now... I guess it's just me - I messed one thing up (as always!) and the rest might have been just the result of it, but just in case - my testimony from memory (I flew the mission yesterday). Everything was fine until my lead was to land. First he told
  5. In terms of flying Mi-8, two things are perhaps worth mentioning: 1. VRS in an insidious flavour. DCS: Mi-8 likes to fall into VRS more than Huey. Or perhaps it's the other way round - it's just easier to prevent VRS in Huey. The solution is to accept this fact: in Mi-8, for every low speed there's a collective position that prevents VRS. In other words it's not 0/1 logic, you will be pulling collective SEVERAL TIMES to arrest othewise self-increasing vertical velocity (sinking) as you're slowing down to full hover. Gently of course (otherwise you'll baloon). Work with her, continu
  6. Thanks a lot, Golo! Lines, not numbers. On my end it's not "can be tuned up with scale knob once radar is on" - I can do it in cold & dark as well. I've attached the picture below. See, they keep saying "Dude, this plane is so simplistic that anybody can fly it", so I thought I didn't need manual for this particular plane! Yep, I was wrong RTFineM, RTFM, scoob... Thanks
  7. Thank you! Makes sense now - weight on wheels = NWS, in-flight = push to talk. (I must have overlooked it in the manual, sorry.)
  8. Hi, NASA6! IIRC, first few missions (3 or so) were pretty basic, like a warm-up, a welcome to your new crew, but soon you'll get transferred to the Arctic, you will get harsh conditions, where even Russians put on their caps, not always easy landings, unfortunate events etc. Even the very snow may make a landing a bit tricky for the lack of visual cues. Later on there will be another retrospection. I don't wanna spoil too much. I think you are perhaps a bit too quick giving the opinion - this campaign is not homogenous. As for flight regime constraints in the title of your post, it
  9. Hi, I'm learning F-5 (she's great fun!) and have spotted a few things that got me wondering. Some of them really feel like bugs, but some other - I really don't know. Maybe someone can shed some light of knowledge? I've filtered out things that I'm aware are already reported. Oh, and yes - these are MINOR issues. 1. (bug) FCR (fire control radar) scale backlight is always powered, i.e. even when cold & dark. This makes absolutely no sense IRL and can drain battery for no reason, so I think it must be a bug. 2. EDIT: (bug?) Aircraft cold & dark. Flip th
  10. If your intention was to let go of your anger, then no - it is a well known, valid technique for punishing others for own failures! Very rewarding, isn't it? Not recommended for RL flying, though. Some prefer to shoot down the wobbly tanker which doesn't know how to properly stick its boom into your "perfectly steady" aircraft, but crashing is more universal - you can also crash into bandits you can't hit with a gun (in fighters, not exactly in A-10). I do it all the time, because my aerial gunnery is THAT good I'm talking vintage planes. Moreover, typically I try to land a plane dam
  11. I doubt it, but I'd rather ask: Is this voice a part of the campaign's voiceovers: https://youtu.be/N53ifuvuIpo?t=74 This: "Krymsk traffic, Enfield 1-1 has departed (...)".
  12. Just an update to my previous post above - about the "mixture of pictures" I was getting in the briefing. It has nothing to do with the campaign. Yesterday I had this mixture, but it was late, I didn't fly, just turned off the computer and went to bed. Today turned it on and everything is okay! So it's some kind of a rare quirk in DCS. Nevermind. Case closed. Sorry.
  13. Hi, no big deal, but I was just about to play Mission 2 and noticed this... I get a different set of briefing pictures before the mission gets loaded (i.e. before I click "START") and after that (when the simulation is loaded and I need to click "FLY"). The former contains a mixture of pictures from Mission 1 and Mission 2, the latter only from Mission 2 (as expected). I didn't know it was even possible in DCS, so I thought I'd just say it - just in case, perhaps it's some kind of a bug.
  14. Divided into how many sessions? Seriously. If you want to learn it "by violence", tormenting yourself for hours in a single take until your hand goes pale and eyes bleed - don't. It's not the way it works. Probably the best piece of advice I read on these forums (regarding AAR) was "it's like learning to play the piano". Not THAT hard, of course, but the general rule is the same - your brain simply needs TIME to gain a new skill. Time and regular repetition. People are different so I don't know what works best for you, but as a ballpark figure I'd recommend to do it like this:
  15. OK, I hereby testify that both solutions work nice With 0.02 gain as laid out above by LeCuvier (and a pair of buttons), the reticle is perhaps a bit slow, but lets you easily set depression as you like. The minijoystick works well, too. Gives more flexibility than buttons, but the downside is that minijoysticks are "expensive" (you don't have as many of them as plain buttons/hats, typically). Anyways, my initial settings: Dead zone: 5. Saturation X: 100. Saturation Y: 100. Curvature: 60. Tweak to your liking. Think of it as "two-speed buttons" (like 6-speed gearbox
  16. Thanks for the tip about rotaries! Yeah, sometimes I feel so sorry for ED, they're developing HUGE software, and even such a "tiny" side issue (seemingly!) as those control assignments are such PITA, people are using different controllers, if they use up/down buttons to control some analog value (axis), then either it's too slow and takes ages to go from one extreme to the other, or if you make the buttons work faster then it's too twitchy/imprecise etc. What a headache! Some people here have suggested that "variable speed" control option could be the answer - for button pairs, not
  17. Thank you, LeCuvier! I will do it like this. Yes, since the analog axis is virtually unusable, I've been using +/- switches for reticle depression already and, as you say, it IS annoyingly fast (like quite a number of other controls on various planes). After a little of reflection, I think ED might have done this axis this way as a "self defence" measure. People may have less than perfect pots and 8-bit axes and if such hardware didn't work for them, they would rant about it, while ED can't do miracles. The full depression range is 235 values, so for 8-bit axis even a slightest noi
  18. Hi! Have any of you tried to bind an axis to the "AN/ASG-31 Sight Reticle Depression Knob" (in control options for F-5)? It doesn't seem to simply move the sight reticle up and down as, say, antenna elevation axis or whatever of this sort. Instead, it regulates the speed at which the reticle is travelling up or down the glass, where the axis's very center is "speed 0", reticle stopped. Move the axis a bit off the center - the reticle starts traveling, move it even furhter - the reticle speeds up. It's essentially useless like that Quite original, but useless. Feels lik
  19. draconus is right. No use boring people to death, but basically "free save game" (at any point you want) is unlikely to come to DCS, not in a foreseeable future at least. Regardless of the fact how disputable or not it is in a simulation. It's a killer, not just "yet another feature" to implement. If they started building DCS (LOMAC and so on going back in time) with an idea of free save game feature and then kept it as their strictest development policy, or a "company religion", then yes - it could be possible. But at this time, with a few milion lines of code not prepared for it... naah, f
  20. To me Caucasus (in DCS) looks beautiful. If I could ask for anything, though, I'd like those Georgian villages look a bit less generic. I find it very hard to tell between one another, they're all built from the same highly repetitive set of houses/buildings/etc. It becomes particulary acute when you're roaming around in a chopper (my favourite sport in DCS). At some point it starts to feel a bit like "auto-gen" scenery from FS2004. Flying over or near a specific village hardly, if at all, tells me where I am. I rely mostly on the terrain shape - I've got this mountain to the left, S-shaped va
  21. I think I've found it (quote from the manual - below). I wonder on which particular aircraft they mounted the compass top center. Were they planes for a primary task other than A2A, some "special" planes? I wish I knew. It seems so strange to obscure the view in a fighter with something so unimportant (normally) as a backup compass.
  22. I can't shake off the impression that Belsimtek people got their hands on "a" Sabre, not "the" Sabre. A Sabre in a museum or some other place of this sort. It seems they might have just recreated a partly "wrong" aircraft, one that had been modified/restored. For example, when this museum/place/whatever got this Sabre, some parts were missing on the plane and later they were restored by museum people (a talented locksmith etc.) - for better or worse. Or something like that. Then, years later, Belsimtek people stormed in, photographed everything and stormed out. I suspect this kind of a scenari
  23. Fool of a Took! (I'm talking about myself.) Thank you, Flappie! No need for dcs.log. vJoy is recognized properly. I've just figured it out. I knew it couldn't be a bug in DCS, because it just didn't make any sense - that's why my brain was overheating. But it is interesting and may happen to someone else, so... if anybody gets bitten... If you use Joystick Gremlin ("JG"), make sure it is up and running at the moment when you launch DCS. (If you comply with this, you may later kill/re-run JG as you wish - which is exactly what I need). (EDIT: Crossed-out point nonobvio
  24. I must be going crazy. It's impossible. I like to use those "preset/fixed views", e.g. Ctrl-Num_0, then Num_6 ("view 6" pops up). This comes in handy when you want to access somewhat difficult part of the cockpit, such as radio knob on MiG-15 or CDU on A-10C. I create these preset views for most aircraft, then "save angles" (rAlt-Num_0), then I can use these views. Such views don't wobble with your Track IR, you may also set as big zoom as you like - very nice feature. Now... I always use the "radio hat" on my TM Hawg throttle to automatically punch the appropriate keyb
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