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  1. Hi, same here, I've had this red exhaust since I bought her in... May (?) 2020.
  2. Short answer: no. At least not at the moment. It's not so much about Mi-8 as a helo, but - as said above - it's about rocket damage. For example, you may fire a tonne of rockets a foot away from a heavy armor's track and it will do literally nothing. Only a direct hit may do any damage and... now I can't remember, but possibly you have to use those rockets optimized for anti-personnel, not armor! Go figure! In Mi-8 also damage from cannon pods (23 mm, iirc) is lesser against armor than from 12.7 mm GUV guns. So... Mi-8 rocks, it's one of the best modules in DCS, IMHO, but weap
  3. Thank you, that's a piece of valuable information, too! As for the MiG-15... (sigh) I mixed it all up. I bought the MiG and F-86 at the same time and I'm working on the files in both modules at the same time In MiG-15 ADF tuning crank actually IS a default_axis(), so no problem - you simply adjust gain to your liking, as you showed above. I was thinking about F-86 and not ADF tuning, but - as in example above - wing span adjustment on the gun sight (it's a bit too fast for me in numerous aircraft). I can see that in different modules the "fashion" in which these files are written var
  4. In this post @philstyle showed a video (thank you!) and I took a screenshot of it. Don't know if it helps, but these "flickers" are just a "madman's vision" of a scenery, they are pictures! (I thought they were geometrical shapes). The white blob at the top (it's fake), then yellow... sky? then red... distant scenery? blurred with air? the black part is obviously hell! The clouds on the black background are however real - they appear on "true" image as well. And then there's a clear line separating madman's vision from a true image below. Anyway, IT IS A PICTURE, a
  5. Hear, hear! That's how it's done, though it must be a "default_axis" or anything of this sort (above it's "cabin_axis_limited") - then you may tune gain. Do you, by any chance, know what to do when the design is somewhat different - like this one: In joystick file, there's this: {pressed = iCommandPlaneIncreaseBase_Distance, up = iCommandPlaneStopBase_Distance, name = _('A-4 Sight Wing Span Adjustment Knob - Wing Span Increase'), category = _('A-4 Sight')}, Looks hard-coded, so I looked at clickabledata.lua and saw this: elements["Wing_span_adju
  6. It's not only an issue with trimmers. There's a multitude of examples, various planes, various controls. For instance, try and bind ADF (ARK-5?) tuning crank in MiG-15 and you'll have a lot of fun trying to tune to a specific NDB It's next to impossible. If, however, you use the mouse scroll wheel on the crank, it works in nice small increments and tuning is easy. I did work around it by digging up in clickabledata.lua and/or default.lua (IIRC the file names correctly), but with a limited success - the crank does move slower, but I'd like it even slower and further tuning down didn't seem to
  7. Same here. FWIW - how it works on my PC: I always see it in Normandy (I don't have the Channel and Syria, if it matters), never in Caucasus, haven't tried in PG and NTTR. It may not be related directly to a specific aircraft, since you're having those "flashbangs" in the Spit and I'm having them in 109. They never show up directly upon mission start, at least when it starts on the airfield. I always need to fly around for a while before they eventually start turning up and once they do, they're popping up in bursts - a few flashbangs within a few seconds, then a pause, then an
  8. As for the fuel - I don't know, but there's a solution for weapons. One good soul here on the forums found a way, but I don't know where exactly is his post. I can't reach my DCS PC now, so I'm saying this from memory. On the bomb panel there's a guarded switch... I THINK it says "BOMB RELEASE" in English cockpit (but I'm using the Russian one, so it's probably СБРОС БОМБ or something). 1. Unguard the switch and keep it unguarded so that you can "reload" weapons as many times as you wish later on. 2. When you're out of ammo, press... "U" (I think it's "U", but check it in "controler as
  9. You might want to check the manual on p. 176, "Nose wheel steering system" - they describe it better than I could. Steering system is perhaps a little bit tricky on this plane.
  10. Oh, damn... I WAS floating in clouds! Sorry. I don't know the answer. There must be some rationale, design decision, something, but I just don't know I was just trying to figure out how this contraption ("front assembly") works in terms of its mechanical design - what moves together with what etc., to make sense of what the manual (RL one) is saying.
  11. Good point! Manual says this: "The bombing altimeter (...) consists of a standard cabin altimeter connected to the static air source and indicates airplane pressure altitude." (Doh, silly me... so I have the answer to my previous question - it IS a standard altimeter with that whizzbang assembly attached on top... I could've read the inscriptions!). My blind guess: How do you obtain your target's altitude? If you read it from a paper map, then such maps don't have QNH knobs built in. So... gee, I've just realized I never thought about it. Apparently maps are drawn with elevat
  12. Thank you, but... I've written a few times I know how to work around the issue (add two numbers). My claim is different: the instrument in DCS is CLEARLY BODGED and it's OBVIOUS, people. Come on. How could this have happened? I think I know it, too: a guy from Belsimtek didn't figure out how the instrument works (of course they are super bright guys, they must be - judging from how crazy difficult things they do for life). Maybe the guy was in a hurry, deadline for release was close etc. It happens, even to world champions, and that's okay. Sh*t happens. No worries. If anybody (especi
  13. Yes! That's how you do it in DCS not to get killed. Trouble is - what you say is against DCS F-86 manual. Bigger trouble is - the DCS manual matches RL manual in this respect. So, either the RL procedure was meant to kill absent-minded pilots (a kind or euthanasia program to eliminate silly pilots or what?) or the instrument (the bombing altimeter) IRL works differently from the instrument in DCS F-86. The sentence in bold in my previous post is - IMHO - a clear explicit indication for the latter. Example on how to get killed following the manual: 8. On the MPC panel, determi
  14. Hmm... it did happen to me once or twice (I bought the Sabre just a few days ago). I have a mission that starts in a hangar. Sometimes the hangar doors won't open, soon I realize DCS is all frozen (I can't leave the mission, Esc doesn't work, nothing works). I have to kill it and restart. Never happened to me in any other module, though I don't know if it's F-86 at fault or what. Just an observation. On the other hand I was never patient enough to wait and see if it eventually "thaws", so I don't know if it's a permanent freeze or DCS is just choked somehow and needs more time to get "unblocke
  15. Thanks for the clarification! I have just submitted my kind request to Elgato For now, I'm using those... "text alterations" (can't remember the term) for more than 2-way toggles, like: | BOMBS | | BOMBS | | OFF | | LEFT | and so on. A bit clumsy, but works.
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