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  1. My goodness! I know a few dozen words in Russian and a few hundred in English, so sorry for being too succint to do justice to this... THANKS A METRIC TONNE, BOYS/GIRLS! This 2.7 thing is just fantastic! (And my mediocre GPU isn't burning yet... how strange!) СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ, МОЛОДЦЫ!
  2. @cw4ogden Rest assured no one's... or at least not everyone is throwing out what you're saying! And - having no RL experience - I was just about to come and bring one of the arguments you just have - a common sense argument. If something was this dangerous, there would be special regulations or - what I wanted to say - there would be some protective means built by the engineers in the form of multiple VVI's connected to some warning system or some "auto-pull-collective" feature when vertical velocity (negative) increases dangerously or WHATEVER they could come up with to try and save live
  3. scoobie

    DCS 3.0+

    Maybe a bit off-topic, but... But you have noticed that instead of getting twice faster processors every couple of years, as it's been the case for a long time, we are now offered more cores running at the same clock, haven't you? There's a reason for this (e.g. atoms refuse to get smaller). Contemporary electronics is basically "done", pushed up against the wall and because of that energy consumption is going to limit us all. You can't have a 100-kilowatt computer at home (multi-multi-core), or at best only very few people could have them. Instead, get ready for some flavou
  4. Either what Rudel_chw says, or google "Larkin Aviation" - this one has minimal amount of cruise as you fly within a single city, so missions are action-packed and short. You can't find it here, but you may get lucky and still find it somewhere in the internet. Just look for a proper version - initialy it used PG map and later on Syria, there were versions for Huey and Mi-8. EDIT: Sorry - that was about the "action-packed" part. As for the easiest... I think none is easiest, all require you know how to fly the Hip more or less equally. BTW, Larkin is non-military, no shooting - so p
  5. Yes, I knew it and thanks for bringing all these cool details! It's just... uhm... I'm not sure if there's a point of contention between us. I mean, what you wrote is just facts, it makes the picture broader.
  6. But it's all been explained already and instead of having a good game you insist on cluttering the topic with clueless gamers' mumbo-jumbo: 1. The cyclic doesn't work, because you're staring at it. For the first time in your gamers' life look outside the cockpit and just align the helo against the horizon, like a RL pilot, then the cyclic works. Now, you may be wondering what's going on in this video Real linked, but actually it's an ultimate proof cromhunt was right - it's clear the pilot in the video didn't look at the cyclic and see - the cyclic works! What bigger proof do you need?
  7. scoobie


    For the record: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/authorization/ "This error happens when an incorrect time, date, or time zone is selected on your computer. To eliminate the authorization error, you need to set the correct settings." It's just the "finesse" of Windows 10.
  8. CG! That must be the correct answer, thanks! Didn't think about that. Yes, not "auto throttle" per se, obviously. "Me English cud bee weller". What I meant was that since you're adjusting throttles up and down constantly during the whole process, probably near the end of AAR, when she's heavy, your throttles are a bit more forward on average (more thrust) than when she was light - but since you don't realize that, it feels as it was "automatic" or automagic.
  9. I'm not a pro, so take it with a truck of salt. I don't And until now I wasn't aware it could be a problem. You're right - you may increase the weight by even around 10,000 lbs and... I never retrim. Perhaps... the increasing weight is compensated kind of "automatically" by gradual thrust increase? If so, then you don't even notice it, because you're working with throttles constantly, over the period of 3 minutes. My experience is that once I've stayed connected for a long time, say a minute, it almost always mean I'll stay connected for another 2 minutes, until she's full. So, appar
  10. Hi, the instruments you mentioned don't react to instrument brightness rheostat(s). They're always 100% bright. (Correct or not - IDK). Secondly, left console backlight is powered when cold & dark. This was reported (IIRC a few months ago). Thirdly, A-10C II presents the above phenomena as well. Screenshot for reference.
  11. (I wrote it before admiki posted, so I'll paste it as-is, anyway). I've just added Tarawa to the simplistic mission I had made when I was learing Huey, and tested. All ships feel more or less the same to me in terms of "ship-ground" effect. Tarawa felt equal to Nimitz, OHP probably the same, Handy Wind, I guess all of them. Oh, and yes, no doubt - this effect is modelled in DCS! Decks, helipads, roofs, water, ground, it's all there. If you want to test it yourself, hover just outside Tarawa's deck and slightly higher than the deck, then "creep" towards the deck, ver
  12. Hi, OP was asking something different, so sorry for messing up the thread, but I'd like to chime in a tiny bit to what @Neurus wrote EDIT: and @Fri13 two posts above. Whoever doesn't use VR and has worn-out eyes - DCS gives you those "fixed views" (I can't remember how they're actually called in DCS). Those: rCtrl-Num_0, then you select "fixed view" Num_1..Num_9, then turn off "fixed view mode" by rCtrl-Num_0 again. Using them exactly this way is obviously PITA, but that's one of the reasons why some smart people came up with those "supplementary software" for joysticks (Joystick Grem
  13. Glad it works! Happy searching! Actually, when I get more free time I'll see if I can get rid of the "crossed eyes effect". I was thinking about it and came up with two "theories" why this effect may be happening. If my "theory number 1" is correct (tests are needed), getting rid of the effect should be pretty straightforward and lights should always work in unison. Hopefully!
  14. I know it's not exactly the subject of this discussion, but you touched an important point that some people don't seem to notice. It's been an issue for a few decades now. Since everyone hates long posts, I'll make it short... A RL pilot, by the very fact that he/she is a RL pilot, is NOT a good "judge" to assess the qualities of a flight simulator. It's a common fallacy. Only a RL pilot who is also an aware/conscious/savvy flight simmer is such good judge. So, if you have an opinion from a RL pilot who doesn't play flight sims, you must take may consider taking their opinions wi
  15. That's why I ripped out the evil spring from my TM Warthog a week after purchasing the HOTAS. Ideally, you could visit a mate who has such joystick w/o a spring and see if you like it for fixed-wing A/C and only if you find it OK, "mutilate" your own. Of course such surgery is reversible, provided you're not as lazy as I am I didn't have such opportunity, but a) choppers were the thing that brought me to DCS and b) I don't have a problem with driving fixed wings with such loose joystick. For me it's like "meh, whatever". For choppers it's a big improvement, though. Just keep in min
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