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  1. ED are working on vulkan. Q3 is a target. if we're lucky we'll see it next year. best put the dust covers on my Hotas then ;-/ I've changed/trailed enough settings to get it reasonably smooth. Things i've learned.... Clouds on standard, they dance around more on low and in VR higher setting doesn't look better but really cost you. Don't turn of Hyperthreading like some say, makes it slightly worse (i have 10900k) Legacy Reproduction mode in steam vr doesn't help. In G2 turning down native resolution to 80% helps massively and doesn't effect picture n
  2. Basically the cloud system has added some extra strain in fps, the new fire animation is brutal on fps and smoke is a killer too. Any MP with a lot of scripts running crushes your CPU. VR will NEVER be any good in DCS. The whole thing would need a redesign from the ground up as its clearly bloated and outdated. I love this game but their needs to be more focus on game engine refinement/overhaul or things will just get worse. If IL2 or War Thunder or some other new game suddenly shifts its focus to a more Sim style play, DCS will leak players very quickly. You want new playe
  3. this was a bad game, turning the targeting pod on killed the frames big time, like 9 fps. dcs.log
  4. My settings are hilariously bad for a 10900k and a 3090. I get better gameplay on every other vr game I play. I hear the clouds are even a server side thing, surely that'd take some load off of our own systems. I can run vr driving sims with like 300%ss and maxed out settings. DCS is literally perfect for vr as a lot of air forces are using it to train pilots but it's hideous.
  5. Hi, getting a large drop in frames. was 45fps steady before, now 35 fps with artefact's on edges of plane wings and drops down to 20 fps in places. Seems to be bad every where. Clouds always look blurry (known issue) but they don't jitter too much if left on "standard". MSAA seems to work much better to eliminate jaggies though. 10900k, 3090, 32bg ram @ 3600. Reverb G2. dcs.log
  6. Hi guys, just got my first vr with g2. Looks great on all other games but for some reason dcs is a shimmering mess and anything at distance is blurry, chances of spotting enemy at distance is zero! I have both wmr and steam vr set as close to native as possible but can't seem to get an even vaguely monitor quality picture. Surely it's not this crap in vr? It's like playing pilot wings on super nintendo ffs. Can get it to a steady 45fps (I guess reprojection) but why can we get a solid non shimmering pic? Puttingy face close to dials and they look amazing but sit b
  7. Ah one problem, it won't show up in game!!
  8. This looks fantastic. great work.
  9. We could do with an update on whether this map is being worked on to make it run better. I have an i7 running at 4.6ghz 32gb ram and a oc 1080ti and still only get 24fps looking into urban areas close up. The Syria map runs beautifully and easily as detailed, what is the plan? Its clear that to use combined arms/ww2 asset packs in the urban areas adds another dimension to the game play but NO ONE IS PLAYING IT ON MULTIPLAYER!!. I payed good money for an all but useless map as even if i just wanted to fly around in the worlds most lonesome game of 1 v 0 it'd still run badly near built up
  10. This needs to be addressed as i have same problems. is anyone actually working on this? It clearly has too much detail at the ground level in urban areas. They need to turn the poly count down some how. I have a 1080ti 32bg ram i7 at 4.6 ghz and STILL get 26fps in close ups on urban areas.
  11. Ah but then it doesn't pass the anti cheat checks.
  12. Got it, it doesn't cover terrain specific kneeboards
  13. No, it's to do with the naming of folders too. Plus how do we have kneeboards specific to a map, regardless of module?
  14. Would it be possible, in the next update or two, to have empty folders pre placed in dcs with the appropriate labels for each model and possibly map, so that we can place our own kneeboards without as much hastle as it is now? Just trying to get the exact name and file location for each model /map is actually a huge ball ache. It's not like pilot prepped kneeboards would be considered a cheat!? Seems like an easy update that would make so many of us very happy!
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