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  1. Interestingly enough, MRTV guy posted a video comparing a 2080ti to a 3080 and found that for DCS there was only a 3% improvement whereas other games were improving by over 20-40%. He attributes this to DCS being more CPU driven than GPU. My view would be if you can run the G1, order the G2. I like it and am running it on a 2070 and am getting on average 40FPS and an I7 6700
  2. I have seen the same. I have found that the order of launching is important. For example, I need to launch voiceattack before DCS otherwise the mouse on G2 doesn't move. It has happened that voiceattack needed to be restarted and after restarting the mouse on DCS froze which required closing down steamVR and restarting DCS. Also if I alt tab, after completing the actions, I need to move the mouse on the screen back onto DCS and then click onto it to make it the active window for the mouse to work in G2, so I guess it depends on what you are doing when you alt-tab ie are you opening a new app o
  3. Since the upgrade I have not been able to see aircraft on the MiG-21bis radar. Was doing the training missions yesterday before the upgrade and all was good (apart from low framerate). Has any one else seen this or is it just me?
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