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  1. Yes, terribly sad. I bought the original Falcon on the Atari ST way back in the day ('89?). And I have bought every product Eagle Dynamics have made. So - even though I didn't know Jim - I owe him a debt of gratitude for countless hours of entertainment. I could never have been a fighter pilot, and Jim let me get as close to this dream as I'm ever likely to get. He will be missed but his legacy will live on.
  2. Hi Han, I can tell you exactly when I bought my stick - about two weeks before the release of lockon! ;-) No coincidence, I might add. So I've had it since November 2003. The serial number printed on the bottom of throttle and stick is SZ00110436. I don't know if that helps you to isolate the version. It is pretty wierd - I can reproduce the starforce activation at will by loading evilbol's profile. If I use any of the other profiles I have, there is no problem - 1.1 loads and executes flawlessly... Chalk it up to the gremlins! JBTW, 1.1 is awesome. Just glad I got it to work. Chee
  3. Yeah, you and me both. I am using Thomas Weiss' SU25T profile now with no problems. The moment I use Evilbol's profile - it asks to reactivate. Very strange...! Anyway, I'll stick with Tommy's profile from here on out. Cheers, Mangler
  4. Ok, it is profile specific. Using precog's old 1.0 profile works fine. I've been trying to use Evilbol's SU-25T profile and this one seems to be triggering Starforce somehow...??
  5. Hey guys, Here is a really wierd thing. I activated via Starforce and was able to use 1.1, no problem. Then about a week ago, I noticed that sometimes it asks you to reactivate, and others it loads 1.1 without a hitch. It took me a while to figure out what the pattern is - basically, if I clear my saitek X45 profile, it loads 1.1 no problem. If I don't, the Starforce menu comes up asking me to activate. WTF?? Has anyone else had this issue? If so, appreciate your hints. One thing I still have to check is if it is related to the specific profile I am using, or whether it is a general issue.
  6. doh! my bad... I am up and running. apologies for jumping the gun... I actually can't believe that I have 1.1 in my grubby paws. I've waited so long for this moment...
  7. Hi folks, At long last I downloaded the 1.1 upgrade. I followed the install procedure as described. Once I double click on the 1.1 icon, Starforce starts. Unfortunately, when I enter the serial number, it freezes indefinitely. The program then stops responding, according to the taskbar. I've tried this several times with the same result. Are there any general guidelines/issues with Starforce I should be aware of, i.e. known clashes with drivers or something of that sort? Would appreciate any guidance because I am dead keen to get this puppy up and running... Cheers, Mangler
  8. I wasted no time. Have it downloading now. 64K ISDN... AARRRGHH!! I should have it in 11 hours and 10 minutes... You babies with broadband make me cry... ;-)
  9. Ok - I know I must be the word's biggest bonehead - but I can't find the purchase link...!!! Credit card is at the ready, and my bowels are churning with excitement. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Roger that, roger that. Paypal doesn't operate where I live anyway. Given that I upgraded my computer just to play FC I hope there's a MC option!!!
  11. I've been away from the forums for a while. I see that FC is slated for April 5th. Was it ever determined what payment scheme would be used? Is it paypal only, or credit card, or both? Cheers, Mangler
  12. South Africa is not supported by paypal and this is unlikely to change in the near future. Please, ED, give us a straight credit card option as well. I have just spent a small fortune upgrading my machine to play flaming cliffs...!!! My wallet has just gone nine rounds with muhammad ali and I need some reassurances...! :lol:
  13. Oh and Cat... I love your work! Post another one of Sacha's exploits soon...
  14. The "thunk" you just heard is my credit card hitting the table, ready for deployment. Please, ED, stop toying with us... I MUST have this add on...!!! :lol:
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