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  1. still no info, but i am working on a template with a friend, of course it won't be to the same quality of what deka releases but should be better then working of the DDS
  2. livery can be found at https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313185/
  3. Lol, you're right. I know little bit of arabic. Well in this case probably they need to use arabic keyboard layout style in word app. maybe but these are also custom fonts (i think) either it works in word. another possibility BN pointed out is that maybe they're doing that to avoid copyright
  4. that's actually pretty interesting, didn't think of using differential throttle before
  5. look at the arabic letters in the background here https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/733012619233067018/787963213312426004/DCS_2020-12-14_10-42-13.png they'd be ok, except for one thing, the letters aren't joined, let me explain, in arabic if a letter is connected to another it changes form so for example instead of م ط ا ر it should be مطار this is at aleppo airbase, haven't checked others yet but they probably have the same problem
  6. try posting this on the livery artwork group and if it is payed or not, i might make it when i have the time https://discord.gg/kRrPUjb8
  7. it seems as if i don't have the effect installed, do you know where i can install it?
  8. thanks! i already use for color adjustment and what not so i guess i'll just revert, and add the DoF effect as you will report back
  9. even with MSAA off i can't really get reshade DoF to work properly could you share your settings and which profile you used?
  10. do you have a tutorial for setting up the nvidia panel?
  11. hello, i've been looking into getting DoF working with dcs for the longest time now, i'd go with the stock option which is in settings if i could disable/enable ingame, but i can't. so i've been looking at reshade as an alternative, but i can't get DoF working, i am starting to wonder if it's even possible, has anyone gotten it working before? if so can you please share your secrets?
  12. when is the Jf-17 template coming out? it's been ove 6 months since the thunder, i really enjoy and would love to rock some of my skins on it, i am told it is because deka wants to finish the 3d model first, but honestly i think this is a good time to release it come on, please deka.
  13. those look pretty nice ngl
  14. i'd love to but i am not sure that's possible i've been asking on the A-4 server and the devs have been helping
  15. Hello! i added a tail hook to the 25T via the controls lua however i can't use it, the Ai can but i can't do you know why? here's the line in question {combos = {{key = 'G', reformers = {'LAlt'}}}, down = iCommandPlaneHook, name = _('Tail Hook'), category = _('Systems')},
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