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  1. the jeff looks nice in almost anything!
  2. iirc they survived fine, problem was if you tried to fire them they were jammed but didn't show up in the SMS
  3. are you sure about the 701s? I heard some weapons have the system recommending a config other then what should be used. other then that, interesting results
  4. Hello! Livery is now out https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314916/
  5. damn you know your Chinese aviation industry
  6. are there any plans to add the LT-6?
  7. I can't wait for the 400! It'll br pretty awesome
  8. I too would love to work with deka in expanding the Jeff's livery selection.
  9. a small note: would you like that the AAR probe be automatically removed when equipping the livery? i feel as if it looks out of space but would like your opinions
  10. Hello! I'm not done yet! Next up fictional PLAAF camos, i've made them in a Blue/Light Blue Camo, a Grey/Dark grey Camo and have a few more color schemes planned, such as a white one, white/Blue and more! I plan on releasing them all as a single pack so it'll probably take a bit longer then usual to get them on the Userfiles but here are some pics from the completed ones so far.
  11. you're quick! XD appreciate any feedback you can give!
  12. Hello! i've stuck again! here's a Fictional Chrome livery in soviet colors, please know that i am not aiming for historical accuracy since soviets didn't operate any truly chrome liveries. as usual will be on userfiles shortly after which i'll update this post. here are some pics Livery is now on the userfiles: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314916/
  13. hello! we've updated the Template, V 2.0 is out and includes among other stuff: - improved weathering - AO - improved stencils -included tanks into the sample skin -custom and updated roughmets to go along with the weathering - and a (still very WIP) Roughmet template another change we made is we merged both wings into a single file, Wing R should be exported as Main 06 and Wing L should be exported as Main 07 we recommend using the sample skin folder as the base of your livery and just overwriting the files as needed to fix a couple of bugs encountered If you have any issues with the template or want help with it feel free to ping me! Expect another (maybe even bigger!) update in the coming weeks as community contributions become added to the template, anyway here's the download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18muUTMH1UxRe-7xGgYTADuuIQS7D1SDO/view?usp=sharing Best of luck and happy skinning!
  14. I really hope deka can incorporate some features from the block 3 if they can, such as the cheek pod or the HMD if it's true that they carried them
  15. i too would love a cheek pod, but sadly there's no evidence of it being considered in real life
  16. Hello peeps! i've finished my work on an Egyptian Airforce Mirage 2000EM based on the requests of @mattebubbenand @Chiron, i might do another version with camo like seen on the Mirage Vs, it'll be approved on the userfiles soontm anyway here's a screenshot if anyone has some suggestions for more EAF liveries please let me know! Best of luck! --Kerbo
  17. why dot hey have 3 wing pylons though?
  18. do you have a higher resolution version?
  19. d.. does that mean there's a chance?
  20. calm down, they're probably just still doing their own research or something's holding them back
  21. We all know the fact that the US and many other nations operate "Aggressor" Squadrons. Squadrons meant to train pilots in the art of air combat, many of these squadrons sport unique paintjobs similar to, or direct copies of those worn by a possible or current enemy nation. Now i don't believe there were any such any aggressor squadrons for the Swedish airforce, but what if they did have an aggressor squadron? This livery is what they maybe would've looked like they're based off a MiG-23 livery used around the 70-80s, the same era as a Viggen. anyway enough blabbing here are some pictures. these are the ones requested, and then here are some extra beauty shots, (warning: some of these use Reshade) here's the link to the livery: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12xTGobBm52cQshKuqIBIDktAFhcyvXjz/view?usp=sharing if there's anything missing please let me know!
  22. hello everyone livery is now approved https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314389/
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