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  1. I second this, we desperatly need the 250 and 100 especially if they can be double racked @uboatsis there an update on those and the wingless LS-6 variants?
  2. the striker is the one who has to be in LSS, the person lasing has to be lasing, turn it to manual mode and press Laser Designator On/Off to start lasing
  3. yes, make sure both of you guys are on the same code and Press LSS, it will start searching for a laser with the code entered, once it finds one it will slew to it, after that you can lock and use the TPOD normally
  4. set a high altitude somewhere around ~30k feet. speed doesn't really matter though as long as it isn't stalling, also make sure you're on the same frequency as the AWACS
  5. You need to 1) be in A/G mode 2) press SP to change it to SLAV mode 3)if you're within range <20nm you can do a laser lock and stabilize it to the ground
  6. Livery is now on Userfiles! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315499/
  7. +1 would love to see this fixed
  8. Hello! i've done yet another EAF livery. however this one is a bit different. it's a Blue-grey Camo based on the MiG-29Ms currently in service with the EAF. here are some pics expect it to be on the UF shortly.
  9. one more thing. here's an interesting read on all the variants of Chinese munitions http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-PLA-GBU.html#mozTocId432075
  10. Hello. @uboats has already said before that we're getting the LS-6 250 and 500kg variants. but there has been no word on the LT-3 which is comparable to the GBU-54 LT-3: or the LS-6 50KG which also has a similar sensor http://www.ausairpower.net/Zhuhai-2010/LS-6-GBU-50kg-APA-3S.jpg another thing that remains unknown, is weather we are getting all the wingless LS-6 variants. such as for the -500 and -250 or even the -100 and the last thing that remains to be seen is weather those smaller versions will be capable of double racking. i'd like to know you're opinions on this topic
  11. yep i've had this issue as well. now I only take control manually if I intend to guide it all the way otherwise i'll just wait until it's 20km (~10nm) from target
  12. can you take a picture of the radar screen?
  13. it does not matter 802 is only capable of following 1 RP. unless you're doing Manual mode in which case you can copy RP4 into RP3. press 4 on the UFC to open the DEST page on the left MFD, go all the way down to WPT 30, 30 is RP1, 31 is RP2 and so on copy RP4 and put it in RP3's place, then delete RP4.
  14. yep we see that, to be fixed with next update
  15. I believe it should be shiny if enabled, to enable it open the Lua file and delete the line custom_args = { [901] = 1.0, }
  16. Hello! I've been a bit busy lately and am updating the Jeff's template with better weathering and so forth, i've completed the white PLAAF version but need to update a couple of stuff on the already completed blue and grey Camos. i've also decided i'd like to see with @uboatsand deka if it's possible to include those in the base game. Here's the PLAAF white:
  17. Main 01: Cockpit and surrounding areas Main 02: top middle fuselage main 03: top back fuselage Main 04: bottom front fuselage Main 05: Bottom Rear fuselage Main 06: Right Wing Main 07: Left wing Main 08: Rudder Main 09: Tail and pylons
  18. 1) I believe so yes 2) not that i know of 3) modern servers yes 4) had the same problem but the 2 90 deg turn fixed it for me
  19. GC align is only if there isn't a GPS, otherwise HNS works just fine
  20. your INS drifts over time, it's a miniscule amount but it's big enough to affect weapons, what you have to do is enable HNS after FAST align if GPS is available or do a full GC align if not. another thing that might be causing the weapon's INS to go bunkers is a long straight flight, if you continue to miss even after enabling HNS, do 2 90 degree turns to fix the weapon's INS.
  21. yep this one is our fault sorry, main 06 has to be flipped vertically
  22. the jeff looks nice in almost anything!
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