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  1. yes please ED, actually since it pulled 40gs, we should go a little above since an airframe doesn't just crash at the limit but it can exceed by a few Gs
  2. alternatively also for liveries that call it via an argument?
  3. yes, not only that, but even if the radar turns off afterwards, the LD-10 would still be able to guide to it
  4. Would love to see it even if it isn't the most realistic since we have payload restrictions now, also the smoke inhalation is actually modelled so it presents the "downsides" of using this config
  5. DOWNLOAD: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318599/
  6. Yep! I'll upload them tonight and share the link here when they're approved
  7. hey, just want to let you know I've made a IRIAF livery, two actually https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318007/
  8. thanks for the kind words, as said I'd be willing to work with deka to incorporate my liveries if they're willing.
  9. DOWNLOAD: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318599/ Hello! I'm back again, I recently came across this post by Deka on the facebook page that was quite a it old, it featured a few "promised" liveries for the JF-17 that were to be added these never were added though due to the understandable situation with Deka's 3d modeler's Health Issues and thus the lack of a template. so I threw a few of them together, so far I have two of the Russian Splinter camos and the PLAAF camo, I'll probably do a few others, I'd be open to working with deka to include those liveries in game if they wish.
  10. MiG-19 download link is now included
  11. UPDATED WITH 5 NEW LIVERIES (2 Mi-24, 1 MiG-15, 2 F-14) I will upload the EAF MiG-19 and link it once it's approved
  12. Hello, the max upload size for the french User files is somehow different then the normal userfiles, which has a max upload of 300mgb
  13. Hello, the livery isn't uploaded yet, I'll be sure to let you know when it is
  14. Hello, I've been working for a few months now on a collection of liveries of the Egyptian Air Force MiG-21s that saw service all the way through 1967 to the late 80s early 90s, and some continue to see service in the Libyan Air Force (also to be done eventually), for now I've done two sets of Camos featuring the Iconic Red Identification markings but plan to also do at least one Nile Valley camo scheme, the Egyptian ace El Mansoury's favorite jet "8045" (with the uncolored replacement canopy) and the Libyan Air Force MiG-21s handed over by Egypt that use a very similar camo
  15. this is a livery I made of the MiG-15s in the green markings and roundels of the Kingdom of Egypt, this was done because in the period of 52 to 58 the EAF still used the old markings despite being under the Jurisdiction of the Republic of Egypt. this livery features custom RMs and accurate markings as well as dynamic arabic numbers Real Life: DCS:
  16. as in the title, the autolase no longer functions, it used to be that if you dropped the bombs it would start lasing a few seconds afterwards but that no longer seems to be the case
  17. I'll look into it but probably easier said then done thank you!
  18. F-14: F-16C: MiG-15: Mi-24P: MiG-19: Ka-50: L-39ZA: Su-27: Su-33: Mirage 2000C: MiG-21 bis: F-5E-3 Su-25A AJS-37 MiG-29S: J-11 I-16 JF-17 Thunder Hello! inspired by @Santus(and with his help) I've set up a similar livery catalog showing off my work, if the livery is available is up for public download then clicking on it will send you to the download link, if not feel free to drop a message and I'll see if I can upload it
  19. Hello! I would love if a joint bind for Weapon release and trigger can be added, I know it's not realistic but I would like it since I only have one trigger binding, it of course would be optional like how the Mirage does it
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