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  1. the file was located in saved game\dcs.xxx\config\options.lua
  2. Hello! I think I'm speaking for all the livery creators of DCS when I say normals are desperately needed for FC3 aircraft, to give them more depth and allow a more realistic look. currently only the MiG-29 has normals on the main fuselage files (but missing them on the gun shroud and engines while the Su-33 has normals for the landing gear and Su-27 has for engines but none whatsoever for the fuselage). including normals will bring the rivets and panel lines to life.
  3. unfortunately not, making a template for the pilot is another matter and very difficult
  4. Ver 3.0 Is here! be sure to read the readme file after installing, link will be in the OP shortly Changelog: -added UVs -Fixed issues with wing and added back the Main 07 due to confusion on intended usage -added roughmet template (thanks to Megalax) -redone sample skin to be a default camo -redid weathering -tanks included in the sample livery -bort numbers now enabled by default, to disable replace all instances of "jf-17_numbers01" with "empty"
  5. i'm currently working on the hoggit wiki's Jeff page, still very early but keep an eye on it https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/JF-17
  6. this is meant in case the GPS fails while you're in a fast alignment
  7. can this be used to correct heading as well or Position only?
  8. Hello, there's very little documentation regarding the Position Update feature, how does it work? could it correct a faulty INS alignment? what's the procedure for using it? does it have a desg mode?
  9. no, it was using @Etten CSV converter to props to him for allowing us to advance our paintkit
  10. hello! is there any update on this? I'd love to know the range I can expect from my current fuel load
  11. I second this, we desperatly need the 250 and 100 especially if they can be double racked @uboatsis there an update on those and the wingless LS-6 variants?
  12. the striker is the one who has to be in LSS, the person lasing has to be lasing, turn it to manual mode and press Laser Designator On/Off to start lasing
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