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  1. I want to propose, respectfully, a polling and fundraiser to identify which module or modules for upgrading from FC3 to Full Fidelity. Me: Updated SU-33 and J-11 since we really need more Eastern block love when it comes to airplane modules in DCS.Yea yea the JF is great but no MiG or SU full fidelity is kind of disappointing, especially when more updated J-11 carry the SD-10-like PL12 (understanding that may not be able to be modeled here respecting government wishes).
  2. I looked for a good video and didn’t find one. tbis one you posted is great, THANKS!
  3. Sorry if this is repeated, I searched for it. Im selecting CBU-97, CCIP, 1800’ default, and got the “INVALID FUZING” in HUD. I re-saved the profile with all of the different fuzing options and still got the message. I couldn’t find much in the manual on subject. thanks
  4. Yea, still having issues with ufc inputs. I think i only get the issue when i try to input a frequency and laser code. Its like the first input is never accepted, so my work around is hit any number, then clear, then input the freq and hit enter. Always takes the input after the first clear.
  5. Grim Reapers has a video showing the mad dog launch of a 22 and it hitting. I’ve done it once myself. My problem is Ive driven the 122 straight into an SA15/TOR and never got a tone for a lock, this being the second launch attempt. My hunch is there is something with a follow up shot that causes trouble in the second acquisition. Its very hard to get a track file but i will try when i get home in 2 weeks.
  6. I enter a waypoint coordinate correctly: Input coord- N42 10 51 E042 27 52 system changes it to- N42 10 50 E042 27 52 In a CAS scenario, with only coordinates for BOC CAS, this leads to a miss with minor damage and requires the pilot to acquire the target with tpod. @RAZBAM_ELMO track file attached. waypoint input change.trk
  7. IR mav lock procedure has changed intentionally or unintentionally - must be out of TPOD des, and in INR for IR mav to lock. Double click sss to do so. The erratic tdc slew was because I was in INR and not tpod des. The only REAL bug in this thread is the ufc key input bug unless im doing something wrong. already a trackfile for that. @RAZBAM_ELMO
  8. I usually play in MP but the weather is the same. I can drive my nose into a clearly distinguished target and never get a lock with IR mavs. Two hours ago I experienced the sidearm not locking again. This seems to be happening on subsequent launches. Clear LOS to target and I drove that damn thing in just to see how stupidly close I could get until a lock...never locked. That track file is too long.
  9. here is the shortest track file i could make. @RAZBAM_ELMO open beta my IR MAVs were locking and doing great, next day, nothing. Got a link to your discord? Freq ufc bug, IR MAV no lock, .trk got a PT track in there as well, just doesn't work as well as id like it to, but maybe thats simulating the real thing ?. Thanks
  10. Current bugs: - IR MAV does not "lock" with TDC action. I used it alot before the patch, now I cannot get them to lock at all. - UFC digit inputs for freqs and laser codes. doesnt accept first inputs, work around is to enter any number hit CLR, then enter the desired freq or code and enter. tracks....I will try to find the time today to create short tracks of just the bugs. As far as Point Track, I jest chased a tank in FLIR mode on tpod and set it in front of him about 10 times in 10 minutes for one PT track. PT is very difficult to acquire.
  11. IDK, but every drop is the same and consistent. Seems like it is calibrated to drop short, but bordering the CCIP cross center. Making you have to aim long the amount of distance equal to the radius of total bomblet footprint. I’ve added a drawing. Will try to add track file today
  12. Whether this is intentional by RAZBAM or not, Id like a way to taxi if you forgot to pull them...either the option to pull chocks after engine start, or overpower the chocks. Overpower is realistic...been there, done that.
  13. So the title should be "Mk20 Bomblets..." stupid autocorrect.
  14. The bomblet footprint of Mk20 rockeye is centered (left/right) but not fore/aft. Footprint seems to always be short with the edge of the bomblet footprint almost touching the target (short side). I will add a track file tomorrow. ...Mk82 is on the money
  15. Ok I think the GBU-38 issues may have been me from not knowing the new changes. But everything else reported is still in play.
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