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  1. Yes, I was having a problem where the Hornet kept rolling to the right, checked my axis on my stick and changed it, the roll stopped. Double checked on the Tomcat, nothing there. I understand that two engines operate slightly different from each other, but what is weird is not being able to trim it out. A bit of rudder to counteract the yaw should work, but for some reason, it just doesn't. I will have to double check my key bindings, maybe something got screwed up with the trimming function. Was sure that if there was a problem it would be axis tuning, but maybe that just didn't copy ove
  2. F14B, I have not flown the A yet. I have been having an issue where the jet slowly turns to the right. I tried trimming for it, auto pilot, everything and nothing worked. So, I went looking for the issue and found it. The right engine is at a lower rpm than the left, causing the jet to slightly yaw to the right and changing course without constant stick pressure. At idle, the left engine sits about 71 and the right will be at 69. I use the Saitek X52 which only has a single throttle for both engines. When I go to external F2 view, it shows both engines at the same p
  3. Hello, I saw your pictures of the Flying Kiwiks skin and was wondering if that was finished/where to download? I love NZ, thinking of moving there soon so I like to have my Hornet flying NZ and Ozzie liveries. Thanks, looks outstanding, I love them.

    1. Rhino1980


      Hi mate, they are pinned in the TFK discord channel "skins and missions".

  4. Any chance of someone doing the F14 Black Bunny scheme for the Hornet? Also, a matte black hornet with a vibrant, hot pink accent color? I don't know how to do skins and my artistic ability stops at anatomically correct stick figures. The pink, like a metallic non-matte version, for my sister in law who fought, and won, breast cancer. "Save 2nd Base", in pink on the tail. Now, back to flying the Hornet and not finding the ground at Mach 1.
  5. Well, now the game just doesn't work. It does not matter which module I attempt to fly. The Mission Editor loads, the initial screens work, but then when it is trying to load the module, each one gets stuck at, "World Preload 1/60." It freezes the entire computer so that I have to do a hard shutdown of the pc with the power button or unplug the pc. I never get any kind of crash code or confirmation, it just freezes. I will try and attach the right log this time. dcs.log
  6. Oh, gotcha, thanks for clearing that up. One of my first flights, I did not lock the canopy and wondered why, after pulling a hard g maneuver in a canyon, the jet suddenly became very loud. Took me a minute to realize the canopy was gone. Whoops. So, off I go, into the hard, hard ground once again. But at least I crash with style.
  7. Ah, yes I do a full INS alignment, but at the bottom of the HUD I do see "horizon secour", I just had no idea what that meant. I have seen lines, vertical lines, at the bottom of the HUD, so I must be putting it into the wrong mode, somehow. Thank you!
  8. Hi, when I do a cold start the heading at the top of the HUD rolls with the aircraft. By this I mean, if I am flying at a bearing of 90, due east, then roll the aircraft without moving the nose in a different direction, just a simple aileron roll, the HUD Heading will spin around. If I do turn, then the heading first turns with the roll of the aircraft, then also with the turn. So if I roll 45 degrees, then the heading in the HUD will change 45 degrees, before I actually swing the nose around. The result is that I can never tell what heading I will come out at when I stop the turn. I have to m
  9. Alrighty, thanks for all your help. Gotta fly my jets! dcs.log
  10. I only make missions up in the Mission Editor. I never play anything else, as I am still learning the aircraft. Here are the screenshots of my folders, nothing that you have asked for is present, just what I submitted earlier.
  11. Alrighty, let me give this a shot then. Okay, I think that worked. dcs.log-20190929-060110.zip
  12. I made sure the GPU was turned off. Here is the log. DCS Log, can't upload the extension old. The DCS Log ends as: dcs.log.old Not sure why.
  13. Windows 10 did an update, and since then the game has been unstable. I am having multiple crashes, both trying to load the game and trying to get into the game to fly a plane. I mainly fly the F14B, F/A18C and Mirage 2000C. I was just trying to load the Mirage into the Persian Gulf map, I was using a simple flight from the Mission Editor, and the screen went black and locked up. I ended up having to force restart my computer. If I do manage to get in the game and get off the ground, the audio will distort at various times, especially when I start the APU on the Hornet. The game will also stutt
  14. The GPU setting was ON, turned it OFF and boom, problem fixed. Thank you, never would have thought of that.
  15. Hello, Windows 10 did an update without telling me and since then, DCS has had issues. The game, I run on a fairly weak system, runs smoothly at low settings, but now, it stutters quite a bit and freezes up. During the stutters and freezes, the sound continues just fine, but I can't do anything. Other times, the game is doing well, and the sound is messing up. I updated the driver for my gpu, and lowered the initial load radius and that helped. However, now the game is crashing. I loaded DCS and the inital DCS load screen went up, then the black screen with DCS and it froze there. I tried
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