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  1. The dogfight/center special command is used for toggle switches on the warthog Hotas stick. When the toggle switch is in the op position it is in the dogfight mode. When the toggle switch is in the off position it is then put in the center mode. The dogfight/center switch is used for a button on a joystick where it is pressed once it goes into dogfight mode. When the button is pressed again it goes into center mode hope this helps
  2. I find that dcs likes to assign axis controls it’s self. What I find the best thing to do is erase all the axis assignments for everything and then start assign your controllers.
  3. Neat I have learned something new. Sadly that pit for the P-47 could use some tender loving care thought :( I will have to visit the virtual museum to learn more.. Thanks
  4. Sadly from all the information I have found. The weapons panel on the left side is for the D-27 and below and the weapons panel in front is for the D-30 and above. I have found no information that indicates any aircraft having both panels. Jesse
  5. If you don't have Netflix, I belive this is the same video on youtube
  6. Here is a track of the primer bug in my testing. With the engine running if you turn the primer pump to open, and when the manifold pressure drops and close it. The manifold pressure stays at the dropped state. At any point you open and close the primer pump the Manifold pressure will rise to the normal state again. In this track I took off with the bug in place with the low manifold pressure. And also redid the take off in the same direction at the same airport with the normal manifold pressure. With the ambient air temp at 50C, the P-47 has a hard time taking off when this bug is
  7. I had the same issue with the primer pump. Some times when it’s latched it will still have low manifold pressure. If you unlatched and relatched it will return to full manifold pressure Jesse
  8. I have found out in the cold start if I do not hit enter for the Lat/Long and elevation during the alignment process, and then setting to Nav mode the steer point Dimond is stuck in the hud If during the alignment process I hit enter for the Lat/Long and elevation in the DED, then after completion of the alignment and then switch to Nav mode, everything works fine.
  9. It appears that this aircraft still does not have the 270Gallon main tank stated in the manual and in the tutorial inside the game. Also if you have fuel in the Aux tank and try to defuel the aircraft, none of the fuel in the aux tank is removed. Only fuel removed is from the main tank, everything in the Aux is only removed by running the engine. Jesse.
  10. I am confused about what ED is speaking of for items #3, and 8. I am assuming that #3 is in relation to the Oil cooler shutter, as this switch I need to cycle to the open then close in order to close the shutter. As for item #8 I am unware of what they are talking about. This "radiator" for the oil cooler, or the Inter cooler. Or maybe this has something to do with the cylinder head temps. I am unaware of any thermostat that they speak of for this aircraft as everything is done manuall. Also what is MOI? Thanks Jesse. DCS P-47D by ED 1. Added more oxygen containers. 2.
  11. Currently in order to change the laser codes in the aircraft it is done by using the knee board. I have no issue with this but the fact the aircraft engine and apu needs to be turned off. Once it’s off the aircraft needs to wait to be realigned as you can’t save the alignment by using ground power. With this I am making a request to change the bomb laser codes by using the knee board while the aircraft is still running. I wouldn’t think this would be a issue as you can currently rearm while the aircraft is running. When I do alignments in the aircraft I always do the full 8 minute
  12. On this aircraft it is listed as undercarriage, the simplest way to find it is when in the control settings is push the “g” key and it will take you right there.
  13. Figured I will add this to the visual damage bug. This is me after I crashed landed. Apparently when my airplane broke apart it created two tail sections of the plane and still left the original tail section on the plane. Apparently my aircraft was carrying extra parts I didn't know about inside.
  14. Does anyone know how long that the pre-order will be up for. I currently don't participate in open beta, yet I still would like to get the aircraft before the pre order goes away. Thanks
  15. I do enjoy the new screen shots of the P-47, and like most cant wait for the release. I have been reading into some of the P-47 flight manuals and one of the notes say not to run the turbo rpm past redline. Sadly in the photos ED released of the P-47 there is no redline for the turbo. Or a placard stating what the max rpm is for the turbo. Yet all the other gauges has operating limit bands in place. In fact in the manual I have seen the photo of the gauge cluster and it has a big green arc for the operating range of the Turbo with a placard stuck to the glass. And the photo I am looking
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