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  1. We are now recruiting again. Updated our discord invite.
  2. We are putting together a team for future 4YA dogfighting tournaments. Don’t worry about skill requirements. We practise together and we learn together.
  3. We are mostly playing on the 4YA and Growling Sidewinder servers and focusing more and more on the PvP-aspect. We are in need of one more Game Leader to form our section. We are casual in the way that all experience levels are welcome. We learn every day.
  4. Perhaps you run a smaller community that wants to be a part of something bigger. We can offer you a good platform with a dedicated social media manager. You have the opportunity to shape a strong section from the beginning. If this sounds interesting, do not hesitate to drop by our server and give me, Malvinarum or Bandit a DM, and we'll discuss.
  5. [YOUTUBE]veYPKTqTeDQ[/YOUTUBE] Discord server: https://discord.gg/KGZHXty Current DCS version: Open Beta Discord info: 1430 players. 256 kbps nitro boosted server. About us CKS Gaming was founded in 2004. Our current main games are; DCS World, Battlefield V, Apex Legends, COD MW. We strive to provide a fun, fair and friendly environment for our multi-gaming community to play on and enjoy. We are fairly new in DCS World, with a growing roster. Our goal is to bring competitiveness to the DCS community. We have just created the section and are now opened up for recruitment. If you
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