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  1. There‘s not much harm in using the open beta. If you have space you can install both.
  2. Here‘s a real Apaches Pilot opinion to it:
  3. Yes, even with high-end hardware, there are still compromises to make.
  4. It worked and gave me decent fps, but it was unclear at the time if ssaa actually did anything when running 4K. There was a discussion about it. They removed the option for 4K later, so I think this is settled. Now I only go with MSAA 2x.
  5. win+h I‘d wish it could be disabled by default. In anyone knows a .lua line for it - please help me out.
  6. Excuse me - if that was a question, you need to elaborate what you mean. Otherwise - yes. The more anti aliasing, the less staircases and vice versa.
  7. Have you done all the usual trouble-shooting? - deleting shader-folder and rebuild - latest drivers and updates - windows tweaks (powermode, gamemode off, backgroundprocesses etc.) - nvcp settings checked. - deactivated V-sync !!! (check nvcp v-sync options!) - running in true fullscreen (alt+enter) and so on...? If so, you probably have some other serious bottleneck. Also make sure, you're comparing apples to apples (regarding aircraft, altitude etc.) Check mirrors and wake turbulence settings also... Sometimes there is only a small hickup which keeps the fps locked in the basement.... Edit: Oh, and btw - the 1080 TI is a beast. One of the greatest GPUs ever imho. Regarding it's age, it holds up pretty well!
  8. I don't think so. At least not in fighter jets.
  9. Wow, that‘s a lot of stuff. Not what I expected. Much appreciated!
  10. Interesting. Only problem - I'd run out of trim hats soon... Thanks
  11. Out of interest - how do you operate the clickable cockpit?
  12. 440 pages. Wow! Must have been a busy time since the Release of the module.
  13. Hat jemand interesse an einer Ryzen 3700X CPU? Der boxed Kühler ist noch jungfräulich dabei. Hatte die CPU ende lezten Jahres für ein paar Wochen im Einsatz bevor ich meine 5000er bekommen habe. Liegt seitdem im Schrank. Beinchen usw. alles in mint condition. Mache bei Interesse gerne detailierte Fotos. Hätte gerne 190,- inkl. Porto und Verpackung. Verkauft!
  14. aaaaaaand... check for background processes/autostart apps. Some software can be pretty intrusive from time to time.
  15. Have you set the XMP-Profile in your Bios? This step has to be done basically with every new build in order to boost performance. The 5900 is plenty power to not be the bottleneck, even with a 3090. (and though CTR is beneficial - I use it myself - it is in now way needed to get the performance for DCS) XMP is the only major "one-flip" bottleneck that comes to my mind. EDIT: Next step would be checking all important drivers for latest updates (nvidia, bios, chipset)
  16. Bluescreens are very rare these days. (can't remember my last one) I would suppose some hardware issues. Perhaps a faulty drive. Do as Flappie suggested. The error log may give some hints.
  17. Thanks for the clarification. Now, if that's a functioning workaround, I'm happy. Will try. @BIGNEWY Perhaps this should be made aware to the devs. Maybe it gives them a hint to solve the issues.
  18. MP-Servers most probably don't record player-inputs but meta data in form of xyz coordinates or vectors for any given object. I don't know why it's handled differently in SP but there is a reason for sure. Can you replay "inside cockpit" views alongside button and switches being operated when recording a MP session?
  19. I don't know about Thrustmaster. It may/should be possible to configure an axis (or part of it) as a button with the software configuration (I think it's called "target"). It is definetly possible with the Virpil stuff. There you can configure e.g. 80-90% Axis as Button x (release parking brake) and 91-100% as Button y (apply parking brake).
  20. @firmek Agreed! Focus on more important things than DCS (heard there are a few…) Perhaps you can give us some hints on where to look sometimes.
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