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  1. stay with the windows defender and build in firewall. they are all you need. get rid of any system „tweaking“ or monitoring software, aka bloatware etc. (that doesn‘t include usefull and well working tools like afterburner, hwmonitor and cpu-z e.g.) when in doubt make a clean windows installation from scratch ( though with win10 this isnt necessary ususually). GET RID OF ANY WIRELESS INPUT DEVICES! Also I won‘t use macro-keyboards.... That said, I must say that I haven‘t experienced any latency problems for years (never since using win 10).
  2. not much honestly... I played in 4K around 60 FPS with an i7 4790K and a 1080ti. Settings mostly maxed out with a few minor downtunes on msaa and water.... for a 1080 resolution you will be fine with a decent (up to date) i7 or Ryzen7 and a used 1080ti or perhaps a 2060 super I guess
  3. Check if you have the pitch and roll axis double assigned to another device...
  4. I have the same issue. In the back cockpit it's even worse. Just purchased and installed this module yesterday. None of the other modules has this issue (of which I have plenty). So I think it is an issue with the module... couldn't find a work around yet.
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