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  1. You can only assign two or more actions to the same physical button with a modifier. (See modifier menu) OR if you use an external tool like target (for thrustmaster) or virpil configurator (for virpil Joysticks). There you can possible make "virtual" buttons for different button/axis states. E.g. you can assign 5%-10% Throttle-Axis as virtual button X to go to ignition. I think you can even differentiate between a long and short button press with virpil (not 100% sure). It's a mighty tool. In DCS itself. I don't know any other way to bind two actions to the same but
  2. Thank you! I missed that...
  3. I have a problem with the pitch axis. Every other axis works perfectly but pitch won‘t. In the axis tune menu it will move the whole way but in the plane it‘s just jittering in place.... any workaround?
  4. Hi, Sales are a few times a year, every 3 month or so I would say. Similar to steam (and around the same dates). Collecting the modules can become a habit (sigh) and picking them up whilst on sale is reasonable to keep the cost at bay. Usually the sale will be for all modules but with different percentages ...very new modules may be excluded. Give the WW2 stuff a try to. In regards to the actual flying, they are a lot more rewarding. p.s. on a side note: Owning more modules can be quite distracting. If you want to dive deep into the systems of the Harrie
  5. Can anybody compare it to trackir? E.g. input lag, smoothness (vs. stuttering) ans so on? Has the Display to be on? Or does the tracking work with the screen locked? Eventually I will try it out by myself but would be nice to know.
  6. On the matter of FPS-perception: https://www.testufo.com/ You don't understand your own sources...
  7. Alright - I fiddled a bit with MSAA and SSAA and came to the conclusion, that I will stay with my setting MSAA 2x AND SSAA 1,5x. Turns out, that the statement from someone earlier, that they don't go together (or it doesn't make sense) was also false. I highly recommend to everyone to try out for yourself. VERY good in-depth analysis on this matter in this Video (don't miss the attached google-doc!):
  8. @Glide By now I have really mixed feelings about you, mate! On the one hand you give really useful advise - but on the other you are talking really messed up and wrong shit about FPS-perception or how vsync and gsync work. You should get you‘re facts straight! As you stated: Google is you‘re friend.
  9. As far as I figured out, it only happens when you first start up DCS. The Application itself won‘t load in Fullscreen. You‘d probably can Alt+enter right in the menu, but then you won‘t notice the effect. To be sure, you can enable the g-sync overlay in the nvidia options and put g-sync optimization to fullscreen only. Once you made sure you are in fullscreen, you can hop in and out of missions without issues. Alt-tab to desktop or any other application may screw it up again though..... I am also not sure, if it does it always, and if no, what triggers or
  10. than you had it fullscreen right from the start. which is good. 85 fps is a decent framerate though. from my experience you will be locked to 60 fps or less when in windowed mode. probably has something to do with the way windows renders windows (lol) or background tasks. not sure though....
  11. I don‘t know what keeps DCS from actually entering fullscreen. But it‘s evident. When I startup DCS, load in an instant action mission and activate the FPS counter - locked on 60 fps. Alt-Enter - boom - 100 fps. As far as I know, the Fullscreen-Box checked in DCS not working is a known issue...
  12. Regarding the Keyboard - that can be an issue. (or any other peripheral for that matter) For me it is star wars squadrons. I‘m unable to play it because my Inputs go completely haywire in it. Unbindable, unusable, can‘t even navigate through menus properly.... never found a solution for it. I‘m loosing focus - what I meant was, try another (simple) keyboard. one without macros and RGB stuff. See if it makes any difference...
  13. Sorry mate, but this is utter bullshit. First of all, it‘s myth that the human I has a max for fps, second the FPS „per eye“ on VR don‘t add up! Third, try a fast look around with trackir with 60 Fps and compare it to 120 fps.... (that is if your monitor is fast enough)
  14. That is wrong! I have a constant framerate above 100 Fps but without both g and vsync I have a lot of screentearing. Either will heal that, but with gsync on, there is not much of an additional use for vsync and it could impact the smoothness of trackir...
  15. Can't confirm. My 3080 only has 10G and no problems in syria (at least none, that weren't also on other maps). Edit: I think we have to differentiate between the kinds of stutter(ing). The (very) occasional standstill for a tenth of a second when something is reloaded/loaded vs. the constant microstuttering when looking around. The first, yes I have that, but on every map. The latter, after a lot of testing I got rid of it (I think mainly to because I dropped v-sync entirely)
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