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  1. Confirm same issue. Before patch - the simulator crashed on second mission run. After patch - the simulator crashed on mission end AND (on pressing Shift-R) on mission restart. One time the simulator crashed on first mission start. I'm 2D player with TrackIR. Latest OS/drivers updates are installed.
  2. Maybe, but O/S option for markpoint under UFC subsection should be unavailable (hidden) then.
  3. Unable to setup Offset Aim Point based on markpoint. Data format is displayed with all zeroes, any input (RNG, BRG, ELV, GRID) to UFC is discarded with no message.
  4. Can it be one of the triggers that causes the crashes? Just noted that in case DCS does not crash for the second mission run, then this running instance does not crash for any following runs. Specs:
  5. As long as we're waiting for the Air Boss station and the Bridge I'm not sure whether we will be able to control lights on deck. Hope we will. AFAIK, we definitely will steer the boat.
  6. My two cents is I had a group of 4 IL-76 co-alt flanking at 50nm with no joy for RWS 80deg/4bar. Locked him after switch to 20deg/4bar. Keep then locked even back to 80deg. It wouldn't hurt to extra tune and do some fixes to radar. This case the target was presented with sky in background, so the radar should have no problems to see him (no worth adding that IL-76 is a big bird).
  7. Steps to reproduce: 1. Select A/A mode 2. ATTK RDR TDC acts ok 3. Select WACQ submode 4. Select WACQ uncaged submode by pressing TDC, than slew an antenna 5. Return to search mode by pressing undesignate button 6. ATTK RDR TDC now acts as radar az/el control Track attached 20210428-01.trk
  8. Does it mean that ACLS is already implemented for Hornet (ob2.7)?
  9. Since the recent update the soft lock is too fragile. I cannot keep lock on target all way down until MRM goes pitbull. Track files: The TWS mode demo (track #1) The RWS suffers the same issue and the STT lock is still doing well (track #2) Not sure if it is a real bug. 20210415-01.trk 20210415-02.trk
  10. Not sure, but probably in case of LAU-127-1-missile configuration the loadout could be set symmetrically (eigher inner or outer side of launcher). By now all missiles are attached to the left side of launchers.
  11. Yes, that's correct. The difference from well known logic (most of civil FMGS, A-10 as you noted as well) is that you don't create an offset waypoint as a new waypoint in sequence, but as an extra posit for the reference waypoint. But we're still able to see that OAP on HSI/SA formats (badly not on A/A ATK RDR in sim implementation), steer to that waypoint, TGDSG to that waypoint, copy to markpoint. That all I need.
  12. Addition to my previous post: I expect the NAV WP offset based on bearing/distance from reference waypoint.
  13. I'm intrigued, man! Can you please be more specific? From my perspective it works more or less same way every aircraft I fly.
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