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  1. Interesting point perhaps ? Perhaps the 3090's that have been tested in this thread aren't seeing a benefit because they don't need the additional bandwidth as they're already exploiting VRAM well in excess of the 10Gb of a 3080 in these benchmark scenarios. Perhaps we need to test with benchmarks which involve more dynamic environments to see a benefit ?
  2. No option in Frameview to record frametimes. At least not in the summary file. It also generates a detail file for each run which for my 119 second samples each contains around 21,000 records ! There is a column in those files called "MsBetweenPresents", which may be equivilent ? ..but again, doesn't look like much different between files. The utility also comes with an Excel template that you can plug multiple detail files into to get graphical comparisons. Haven't had a chance to play with that yet but looks useful. Looks pretty good for a fre
  3. Ok, I installed NVIDIA FrameView and did some tests. I created a benchmark track based on FA-18C->Instant Action->Syria->Free Flight. and recorded the first 120 seconds. My only control input was to set baro alt hold. The track flies with a wingman, from the Turkish coast, North East along the Orontes River valley for 120 seconds at 1500 ft barometric and just crosses the city of Antakya I set Frameview to record 119 seconds. I did my tests in 2D, my spec is in my sig and my settings pretty much match S-O-H's for VR and I have CAS installed
  4. I also made the same changes to the Nexus version and it now works perfectly.
  5. Ah right, thanks. Think I'll stick with the original for just now. Just flown for an hour and it's sooo good. Time for one more before dinner
  6. I've just tried that Nexus version, it runs ok in 2D but DCS crashes on start up for me in VR The only difference I could see on the NEXUS version in 2D on the home key was an additional parameter to define the effect's radius with a default of 0.5. I was using OvGME so easily backed it out and applied the original which is working fine again
  7. Github version.. Nexus Version.. ..assuming this is the link https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46999?tab=description
  8. These are fantastic, many thanks for sharing !
  9. I just tried it with a hot key to toggle it on and off. Don't notice any difference at all on FPSVR frametimes.
  10. Ah, I now see there's a performance mode check box in the bottom right corner. I was looking on the settings page where you can assign a hot key to it. I've actually assigned end to a voice attack command as with my eyesight I'm essentially blind when I lift my headset I'll try performance mode later too.
  11. For "Performance mode" is that the option on its settings page ? So I assign a key to it and use it in game like the home and end keys ?
  12. If you mean the one available for ASUS MB's since around 22nd March, version 3603 labeled: "- Update AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI Patch A - Fix USB connectivity issue" All the reports I've seen from folk who have tried it say it doesn't fix the Reverb G2 issue. I'll stick to my external USB 3 hub for now.
  13. Very nice, I will have a play with that thanks. I already have Voice Attack on a shortcut to a one-off scheduled task with admin access (I think it was you that suggested it actually). Keep meaning to create one for OvGME. I don't use Target as I find I can use Voice Attack to set 2 and 3 way Warthog switches with keyboard commands. I have a top level VA profile for each aircraft with the VIACOM profile daisychained off each one and a generic DCS commands profile daisy chained off the VIACOM one. Works perfectly. Also have voice commands to switch top level profiles.
  14. Ah, makes sense. Coincidently, I rewatched "No Country for Old Men" last night and so just realised what your profile picture is. Nice
  15. Yes, I understand that, but running it instead of regular WMR just seems to launch WMR and SteamVR. I've always assumed that WMR for Steam VR was just some sort of WMR plugin which allows SteamVR to run from WMR, so presumably it gets called anyway when you launch Steam VR from within WMR. I've never tried Skatezilla's utility. Might give it a try, thanks.
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