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  1. I was getting exactly that and it was a sync problem between WMR and SteamVR. Try this.. Go back to the WMR cliff house and bring up a desktop window. On the desktop you should see the WMR portal window. From there bring up "setup room boundary" and select Seating/standing. Then with the headset still on make sure you're sitting exactly where you'll be to fly DCS and allow the seating/standing setup to complete.
  2. oh well, just thought it was worth asking
  3. I struggled to get Viacom to understand much of what I said while I was using a studio mic through a Focusrite audio interface, and that was after numerous rounds of speech training. I assumed it was because of the Northern English accent (Geordie!) which I still have after 30 years away from the place! However, I'm on a new rig now and I'm using a Reverb G2 with builtin mic exclusively. I've done zero voice training on this rig and VA/Viacom understands pretty much everything I say. Go figure. Absolutely love Viacom Pro and never fly without it.
  4. Would that preclude ED from being able to perhaps offer mesh shading as a configurable option with the Vulkan implementation somewhere down the line for those with such devices ?
  5. I was getting exactly that issue with every mission on my old rig with the G2. In my case it seemed to relate to the SteamVR Home environment. I turned it off in SteamVR settings advanced mode and the problem went away.
  6. Found a cheapo handheld wireless trackball on Amazon and have just hot-glued it to the top of my warthog stick. (Hot glue having the advantage of setting totally rigid in seconds and being fairly easy to completely remove - I use it all the time in my workshop for temporary jigs) Ok, looks a bit weird but works well and positioned there it doesn't get in the way of any of my stick controls. The trigger in the loophole is left click, which is nice as you can click while your thumb's on the ball, and there are 2 right click buttons one either side of the scroll wheel. The
  7. I was getting that a while back and it was because I had the culling option on in the autoexec
  8. I already have VoiceAttack and also it's Viacom plug-in. I've got so used to doing everything with Viacom that I've never needed to click the comms menu for months and I guess it's made me lazy. I agree VA is excellent and Viacom is the cherry on top. VA is also brilliant for assigning keystokes to 2 and 3 way switches not catered for in DCS options.
  9. My first Headset too, and I had a similar rig to yours so had similar experience. Seriously, if you haven't already, read Speed-of-Heat's thread https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257819-my-3090-settings-for-my-g2/ and apply ALL of the suggested optimisations, including kegety's VR shaders. They will improve your FPS and allow motion smoothing to lock more often and for longer. If you want a decent experience you'll probably need to run terrain textures at medium and shadows off, and set overall Steam SS at somewhere between 50-70% (So that's 100% on the generic default setting and 50-7
  10. Ah yes, that works many thanks !
  11. I'm having an issue in the Hornet in VR in which my mouse works normally around the cockpit, but when I bring up the comms menu I can't click on it to select functions. The mouse cursor stays as the + when I'm expecting it to be a dot.
  12. ..when you're looking at new MB's be aware that a number of them (mostly AMD but some Intels too) have been reported to have issues between their USB 3 ports and the G2. With my new ASUS x570 MB for example, WMR couldn't recognise the G2 via any of the front ports and although the rear ports would boot the G2, the tracking would fail after a few minutes. I solved that be plugging an external USB 3 hub into one of the rear ports and it works perfectly now. Actually, with that in mind, have you tried using a different port or using an external hub to try and resolve any of your issues ?
  13. I've just reread your first port .. "When I start DCS and it's loading both lenses look like they are jumping between two images. It really hurts the eyes. " As far as I'm aware, we ALL experience that during load with the G2, regardless of hardware so that's a current "feature" and not your issue. I just close my eyes till it stops.
  14. Vonbane, it is precisely the motion smoothing that is responsible for preventing the blurring/ghosting. It can only do it's magic if you can get FPS up to at least 50-60 so it has some overhead to work with. As I understand it, with the G2 set to it's native 90 Hertz frame rate, it should ideally run at 90 FPS. If it can't do that (and it really can't unless you have a top spec highly tuned rig and even then it will struggle to maintain that..unless you're Speed-of-Heat ) then you're going to get increasing blurring the lower the FPS drops, and that manifests as double-imaging/gh
  15. Until recently I was running a G2 with an I7-6700K @4.5 on an ASUS Z170-P and a RTX2080 Super. After applying every optimisation suggested on these forums, and with SS at 70%, DCS settings very low , I was at best, able to get 45 FPS Motion smoothing locked, only some of the time, on very light missions. I did however, still experience exactly the heavy shimmering/sparkling you describe, both inside and outside of the cockpit. It wasn't possible to turn on any anti-aliasing to attempt to negate that effect without severely dropping FPS to an unplayable extent. The blurr
  16. Just a post script to thank you folks for the great advice in this thread. Finished setting up the new rig and optimised pretty much with Speed-of-Heat's settings : https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257819-my-3090-settings-for-my-g2/ ..and the G2 VR experience is just awesome ! ..can also confirm that I'm regularly seeing 14-15Gb VRAM usage with trees, clutter and preload radius at max. Many thanks again.
  17. Thanks guys, I'll stick with stock settings on the 5900X for now then. Have to say, the VR experience with the G2 on this rig is just awesome. Really can't imagine flying 2D for any reason other than perhaps ocasional module learning. I've actually only just installed the Hornet and Supercarrier in this free to play period (ED know what they're doing offering regular free to play periods as I no doubt will be parting with more spondulics in a couple of days!). Haven't tried a carrier landing yet..mostly because crashing in VR scares the bejesus out of me!
  18. S-O-H, wondered if I could ask you to confirm something for me ? As mentioned above, with my new rig and your settings I'm getting rock solid 45 FPS with motion smoothing forced on. One place however, where I'm being dragged down, is on the supercarrier deck in the hornet specifically in the "Mission Qualification - Supercarrier Cold Start" mission. I'm dragged down to high 30's low 40's and it's showing CPU dancing in the red on FPSVR with plenty of overhead still on the GPU. Not a complaint as with 100% SS it doesn't detract from the visuals at all and it's gone as soon as I take
  19. Oh sorry, I assumed he meant he was only at 70% when he hit the warthog detent so had to push into, what should be the afterburner range, to get to mil power and beyond
  20. There is an excellent Youtube video by Overkill (Pacman on this forum) which explains how to calibrate the Warthog throttles such that the afterburners cut in exactly as you push past the detent in a particular aircraft Takes a bit of effort and involves using the user curve sliders but well worth the effort. I've calibrated all my jets with this method. Video below, Skip forward to the 15 minute mark and watch from there
  21. Newcastle City Hall, March 79', Overkill tour. Camped out overnight in a sleeping bag in the ticket queue outside the venue to get seats down the front. My ears are still ringing
  22. Just noticed, Nobiwan released version 2.0 yesterday (On that other combat sim's forum thread and his Gitlab). Looks like modifiers now allowed and bunch on new features added. Will try it later
  23. speed-of-heat × Big thank you for taking the time to post this thread mate! I've just finished setting up my new rig (based on a 5900X paired with an ASUS Strix 3090) and I've initially used your settings and optimisations almost to the letter. You've saved me a lot of time and the result is just awesome (particularly as my old rig is a 7 year old 6700K and 2080). I initially tried your 80% resolution with app specific motion smoothing enabled, and although I was getting 90 FPS at altitude, it was dropping to 45 fairly regularly and to be honest, I couldn't notice any differe
  24. ...appear to have resolved this myself. I have an external USB 3 hub, which is switchable between 2 machines (so I can use same keyboard and mouse for either machine with the push of a button). This is plugged into one of the rear USB 3 motherboard ports on the X570. I removed the keyboard and mouse dongles from that hub, relocated them temporarily in my x570 rig front ports, then plugged the G2 into one of the ports. The G2 now works perfectly ! Don't understand how, as the port the hub is plugged into on the X570 is one I already tried unsuccessfully with
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