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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I pretty much figured that was the case but thought I'd put it to you experts on this forum to be sure.
  2. I assumed the problem was specifically that the UAC causes the headset displays to go black if you launch it as administrator, then you have to remove the headset to click on the UAC on your desktop, thus breaking the immersion. (At least that was my experience with the G2/WMR) So by setting up an administrator task with a shortcut, you can launch (or re-launch) VA anytime in VR from a virtual desktop and there will be no immersion break because no UAC.
  3. With this method you can set up Voice Attack to run as a scheduled task as administrator, then create a shortcut to that task, and then you just launch the short cut. Result, VA/Viacom runs as administrator and no UAC pop up. Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums (sevenforums.com) works for 8 and 10 as well
  4. I live in a rural location in the UK where the only option for high speed broadband is with a connection via a dish on our roof to a cellphone tower. This actually works extremely well and provides approx 70Mbps down and 35Mbps up. However, the connection is really designed for cellphone use and as such the providers don't offer individual IP addresses - rather, as I understand it, many users are clumped together in shared public IP addresses. There are companies which do offer fixed IP SIM cards, but these are aimed at business and so are prohibitively expensive.
  5. Good points well made ! I've just put my order in. Thanks guys.
  6. Very valid arguements both ways, thank you. I guess my thinking is this: I've been reading the VR forums for the last few months. There, users with rigs comprable to the one I'm proposing are having excellent experiences in VR with the G2, with pretty high settings all round. So unless ED make changes that are going to drag those high end user experiences down (which I image would seriously damage their less well equipped customer base) I'd hope I'd have no reason at all to upgrade anything for at least the next 5 years. It's not like I'm going to get bored with (or get near to mas
  7. I hear what you're saying Qiou87, and I have been wrestling with that too. In it's defence I've read a number of posts from seasoned VR pilots with G2s stating that DCS is using over 10 GB VRAM on the 3090 ("I frequently use more than 10Gb of VRAM, 12 in the caucuses, more in the Channel"). I've actually just spoken to my builder and after they reviewed what I'm proposing to buy and my issue with the PALIT they suddenly confirmed that they have the ASUS STRIX (which is at the top of that list) I agree it's a BIG purchase and not one I take lightly. I recently took volun
  8. Well folks, I was on the verge of ordering my new rig, and then last night I happened upon a video comparing performance data on 8 RTX 3090 cards (Titled "Which RTX 3090 to BUY and AVOID! Ft. Nvidia, Asus Gigabyte, MSI, Palit, Zotac" on Youtube). The PALIT card (the only one my builder currently has available) comes a resounding bottom in the reviewers conclusion. This has obvioulsy made me think twice about rushing into the purchase. I'll speak to them today to see if they have any others on order.
  9. Agreed, and it's pretty easy to get NEAR perfect trim in the warthog in a few seconds. By comparison I really struggle to get close in the Viper with an asymetric load (roll trim only obviously) I still can't AAR to safe my life (literally!) and no amout of perfect trim is gonna help. Just got to put the hours in when I get round to it.
  10. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd want to spend time achieving perfect trim over just popping on one of the excellent autopilot modes. I live in autopilot in the Warthog - ascending/descending I use PATH, level flight ALT/HDG and ALT to circle a target area. For Maverick deployment I'll even angle down towards a target area and pop it in PATH, then my hands and attention are free to slew mavs at multiple targets. Also for GBU-38s I can line up roughly with the CCRP fall line, engage ALT-HDG and again I'm free to slew and designate SPIs on targets to pickle off mutiple GPS guided bombs - and
  11. ah, right, so allow DCS to create an input folder/aircraft sub folders then replace the controller files it creates with my copies, using the new names, makes sence. All good news, many thanks.
  12. I'm about to purchase a new rig which will be dedicated to DCS. It will have a new Windows OS on one M.2 NVMe and I'm planning to install DCS on its own NVMe, it will be a complete rebuild. How do I go about trasnferring all of my purchased modules/licences ? Is it just a case of disabling/uninstalling them from my current rig first, then signing into my account in my new rig and downloading/installing again ? All my purchases are for the standalone version. Presumably I can also copy my Save Games\DCS folder across ? and I understand
  13. I am certainly not offended and am extremely grateful for your detailed advice. I only mentioned it because I followed a few posts in the hardware section that began as requests for specific advice and then decayed into handware arguements. Since joining the DCS forum in June I have nothing but admiration for those experienced and knowlegable members who take the trouble and time to offer their advice to new members. I would certainly have struggled to get anywhere near my current understanding without them. Thanks everyone again for all your help.
  14. Sage words, thank you. Not expecting miracles, I'm currently flying the A-10C II and the Viper with my G2, on a 6700K and 2080, with pretty much everything turned down to minimum and every optimisation tweak applied to try to maintain 45 FPS motion reprojection (some of the time) in very basic missions, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! If I could maintain a solid 45FPS motion reprojection with full G2 resolution and a tad more detail in complex missions I would be more than happy. With regards "very old code", until I recently retired I was employed by a certain American
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